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Chicago deacon passes out. Here's Alex tuck through center ice all hawk line, right wing waves and on the left wing drops at high slot column. Niller he fires David camp flock to the far corner. Rudas spun it out to the line taken by Miller at the left point. He sent it back down toward the left corner. Yon Ruta waiting for that pass. Just sent the puck all the way down the ice. And the hawks come to full strength key brick is out of the box. So each team at bolstering deacon from the left wing side at center ice. Dumps the puck off the right corner boards hawk zone. Manning ways to center ice up the left wing Anisimov indicate over the Vegas line. He tried to backhanded toward the slot. That's bad. It back to the line taken by manning. Wet point you sends it over to the right wing boards. Flipped the puck down the dasher in behind the biggest net. Mcnabb got it there and he'll pass up the right wing to talk. Put it across the rink into the hawk zone is Smith to the high slot but the puck into the right corner attended for Ican tied up by manning state for the puck walks in six clubs. Save is made by Crawford. He'll hold on. Boy Crawford stole a goal from Cody Eakin right there. You can had plenty of time and room to shoot at Crawford beat him with the glop. He can was gone for the top right corner. Cahoon comes in to help out in the corner. And he can't he can't get in a lake that if you've got a defense, man, they're Gustafsen was circling you're out with his guy. Somebody's got to be in front of the net. Coon comes in and support. He's the third guy down low. He can't go into that corner. Knowing that the front of the net is wide open. You gotta back off a little bit. That's just bad positioning in a bad read. Thereby that's a great state by Corey Crawford. Brought one by the Hawk's Seabrook with the puck behind the hawk net. Slaps it up the right side. Looked like it hit per Leany stick and did deflects down behind the biggest net into the near corner. Now, they're breaking up with a wide open shot in front drops it off to leave aside jam it on goal, and it was stopped by with the pads, and then per was knocked out from behind holding Martius all the other way into the hawk zone. Tried to work it to the net. Duncan Keith was able to wrestle off the puck here. The hawks on the attack Drome at center ice did break. Biggest line right circle shoots blocker save made flurry Pearleen and the left wing corner to debrincat passing to the slap strong turns and fares. Pat, save me my flurry. Here's holding along the right boards passing to Carson at center ice, the Martius over the hawk line top the left circle the Carlson, high slot slap pass down the left boards ends up behind the hawk net around to the near side Gusta since got it for the hawks waves it on the right wing at center ice to taste the wine. Sidesteps the check and then lost the handle on the puck. Here's carpenter passing gangland at center ice right wing side over the hawk line up play look offsides. In England took it all the way down to the corner. We get a whistle. Stop and play in a tripping calls going to be made here. It's going to go to Fagin I believe so on the rush of the Vegas players. There. So Blackhawks get back on the citgo fueling good power play. By the way, when Seabrook was out of the box. The Blackhawks were back to full strength. Sponsored by northwestern medicine, orthopedics, relentless pursuit, a better medicine to the right hand side, a flurry who's a little bit of a breather here. He got steamrolled by for Leaney after that shot by for leading and the defenseman, Nicole the Vegas Golden Knights. Nick Holden to the right hand side. It'll be the four seasons heating air conditioning and plumbing faceoff for all the right reasons. Four seasons. Go check in the box. Two minutes for tripping. Tastes wins the draw on the left point Seabrook. Top of the left circle the left wing corner. He'll carry behind the Vegas Chikan right wing board. Deflect fires at turned wide. And debrincat follows up on the rebound from the left circle shot it over the net. Seabrook keep slot again to Kane top of the right wing circle. They'll carry the puck down to the right wing corner. Hey now, enters the right circle to the dot the Seabrook at the line. To debrincat top circle back to Seabrook straight away to Kane in the right circle. Here's Kane took it. Bottom of the right circle. Hayden. Trying to wedge his way in front. Can't gotta debrincat high slot to Seabrook line deep slot to debrincat left circle. Fires blocked by debris. Got it. Back to Seabrook. Top of the left circle fires that the flex in front. Hayden go for the puck in behind the hit. They both fall down flurries. Lost his goal stick. But McNabb got the puck. And you'll learn all the way down seven left on the hawks sports. Citgo fueling good power play. Flurry got his goal. Stick back jebron down between the circles hawk zone. We'll skate the puck up the right wing to center ice, but it had to Brandon Saad at center. He waved it back into the hawk zone to Kane, and then came slapped it back into the corner to himself waves the puck behind the hawk net and lewd Saad along the far side the Golden Knights get at Smith. Fires that never got through. Schmidt. Followed up and fired from the high slot Crawford with a butterfly save. And then William Carlson came along to get the puck in the fourth quarter. The plate of a stick stuck between the Zamboni doors. Here's the other way into the Vegas onto the right corner. Put the puck behind bullet points, Augusta son mill slap it back down in behind the Vegas net. Roundell the right wing boards Coon wind gusts soon. Long wrist shot over the net off the glass holding clears the rebound at the near side kept in by Strom point. Now Saen high slot. The top of the right, circle tore the net. It's high and wide. But it's kept in at the left point now by Saad. Tried to flip it on goal. Picked off by holding headband pass. This short handed over the hawk line down the side Dixon. Crawford. Got in front of that with a blocker. Here's Anisimov now. Deflecting a puck down to the left wing corner Vegas Golden Knights at full strength. Throw the corner visa tear for Anisimov England was able to chip it away. And it's strong got locked up with Belmar long the far boards. Puck rolls to the fire boards in the biggest zone. Bill Maher's got it and he'll carry behind his net visiting when you're corner slammed into the glass by Martensson. But clears the puck to the hawk line grew got the Cahoon back over the biggest line dropped past drive. Driving a blocker. Save by flurry. Del mar along the near boards tips at center ice over the hawk line trumps along the left boards. Hayden sniped at the lost have been Ruta had lost and free. Just the hawks met Patrick out Martensson at center ice right wing side, became entangled with one of the Golden Knights lost the puck and ends up back in the hawk zone hasn't between the circle tastes has really picked up here in the last little while passing to hey, nor the Golden Knights line left point put it toward the net turned wide Martensson followed up and fired. Why now Martensson wins a battle from Martius along the right boards to Kruger till yoki? You right point fires from there? Turned wide by flurry. Good pressure here by the hawks in behind the net. Martensson scrapes the puck out drove it around the glass, and it hit the netting and bounces back into play seven fifty nine left in the second period here in Vegas still to one Golden Knights. This is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. What's not in the news stories about successful fire sprinkler activation? That's when fires are extinguished or contained before the fire department. Arise october. There were fires in a school a home business and a warehouse that didn't cause serious injuries for Fidelity's. Those.

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