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At least save. Got a little in better than we usually do. Yep. Okay. I have been under the assumption since like week eight that Oklahoma just gave up defense for lit. They play defense. They treat defense the way you and I treat soda, okay? You just avoid it for long stretches on special occasions, buddy. Every now, and again, you sip. That's sweet nectar, it can taste so good. That is what the Oklahoma defense is. They don't really play it. But every now and again every now and again, every sixty minutes or so for old time sake, they got a player to in them. They got a safety here a sack there a pass break up there. That's going to do just enough to give that offense enough separation to win and cover thankfully from my. That is again what we saw here. It is. Yeah, that's safety that interception. The end zone lates. It was a really nice defensive performance in the second half. I believe what they gave up thirteen and second half and shut him out in the fourth quarter. Not the story of the game. Because I still think the plays that Kyle Murray made to to help the Sooners win this game. And also that coupled with Hollywood Brown's lower body injury. I don't know if we have anything more specific than that. Which is a pretty big deal going into Alabama. But CD lamb came up, very large grand Calcaterra with that one handed. Touchdown. Grab was insane. And special to watch I do like the word play bigger picture of Oklahoma beat everybody on their schedule. Oklahoma. Yeah, they did lose to Texas once but they beat everybody on their schedule. They do and twenty eighteen with a win over Texas. So a cool way to avenge that game. I am excited to see if we get the very best of Oklahoma. Which is largely what we saw against Texas. The game is in. Whereas this game that game is Steph games going to Miami in Miami. Yeah. Right. So it'll be outside. And maybe weird weather who knows but. Incredibly excited for this. You know, a really nice wire to wire year offense ity for Oklahoma. Rodney Anderson goes down early, and they seemingly even get better on the ground. Even though it wasn't necessarily fully apparent against Texas and all things considered with Texas playing down to teams and playing pretty sloppily, and that includes against Oklahoma, which just the number of penalties and the number of times, Texas shot themselves in the foot against the Sooners all in all nine wins for Texas is not something normally so it isn't good for you UT. And look if they could build any kind of aparatus on the ground. Yes to complement Sam etlinger that would make them all the more formidable salmon leaguer in this game almost three fifty through the air. Two touchdowns at two more touchdowns on the ground to complement forty two yards running. He was Texas leading rusher. Yeah. He's a very good player. He needs some help around him. He did have it out wide. Colin Johnson had an incredible game. We've talked so much about little Jordan Humphrey and that receiving duo for Texas while horns, but if you just had more help on the ground, I think that would make them so much better. You did mention the Hollywood Brown injury. It did not look good. They had them back on the sidelines though after they wield them off on a cart. He did come out later in street clothes and crutches and boot. But I believe he ditched the crutches later on was walking around with just the boot. It's all very scientific. Of course, if you if you believe the best of the mouth readers mouth breathing mouth readers there that people were indicating that he was telling Lincoln Riley. He would be okay. Okay. Good doesn't mean he's a doctor even though he's feeling his own body for football sake. Hope he is able to heal just like two is able to heal. I think it was high ankle sprain. Nick Sabin today said about a two week deal which. Every ankle is difference. But we certainly know that to a puts a lot of pressure on those feet launching the ball downfield ankle. So hope everything is all right because it's generally between two and five right? We for a high ankle sprain. You and I as athletes all too well in the game is what the twenty seven twenty nine the seventy nine excuse me..

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