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At similar to your your story. But it was for me. I would say sell sell, and it's I think also in that stage of my life. I was probably a ready to continue my story in all I am telling you have a standing on that bridge. And I was really I was just like, okay. Should just jump or latte. Look up in. Remember, I said in a lot. Do whatever you need to do. Like, I give up and then moment, I think when I completely surrendered in our stop like controlling this is when things start happening for me is also when thriving heaven, you know, and this is also why because people asking me there, obviously offered hours are kind of amazed Holcombe equa do such a such a quick providence in I would say opt absolately absolutely the background kind of helped me, you know, in this progress that out the most importantly is this Cup ability of surrendering, you know, of not of losing control being okay to lose control to to trust. And again, maybe as Tarik butts. I'm telling you in d'etre dieting, it's had the me out while I'm very, you know, happy. For you that this transformation has taken place, and that we're speaking with speaking with each other today, and you know, you can have the opportunity to inspire other people who are also having difficult situations, and sort of shine some light on the potential that we have to to make positive changes in their life. I'm really really happy that we are talking. I'm very happy. And yeah, as before, you know, I think that at the end of the day, you know, we need to have each other. You know, we are here all with the same purpose? And I I it's a big shame. You know that we are. So I'm talking about in general, you know, we human beings and being so kind of instead of you know, connect with each other. We are so, you know, apart in more apart. And yeah, it's it's I think it's a shame. So I think we need to go in action on stuck in about it. And do something about it. It's the irony is the religion this world where every minute goes by we get more and more connected by our computers and our devices smartphones. But really seems that people are getting lonely lonely are in crazier and crazier, and there's a lot less. Knew conversations sitting down and talking to people and figuring things out and helping each other. It's it's very interesting because what I'm not saying is as you said before we are going into this direction. But on the other hand, there are more people who are. It's more aware, and the I would say in general awareness is just growing because this is this is how life goes in. We cannot stop that. It's it's it's just a lot of the universe in. So. Yeah. But it can be sometimes quite hard in that will honestly sometimes I feel very lonely. No, I think that's kind of like the thing about being able to go to like, a free dive Pang Lau and spent a season training there something like that. You you also, you know, you'll also need to surround yourself with the right people, the people that are going to support you emotionally and spiritually, and you know, that's that's really impart important part of of being having a space to develop whoever it is that you are if you're living in the middle of a big city, and you're doing a job that you really don't like. And you're you have a negative peer group around you. It's really hard to get out of that situation, sometimes so etc. Etc. It's it's really really important in because anyway, like most of the year term spending, multi home, home home. So basically, it's very important that I create eclipsed in all like an environment in out that make me feel like home. So this is why I'm keeping calming. I think one of the reasons this guy's in day making fair really really welcomed, and it it's my second home now. I still haven't been there. I have to maybe I'll come this year. If I got a couple of extra weeks. Look you have to come here, and we need to train together. I would like to giggle it's ridiculously close as well. You know, how easy it is to get a flight from from Taiwan. Just not easy to get time off my job. That's the problem. That's usually the problem. But I am very smart because I'm not working. So I say just quick Dopp. Discreet, worry. I am. I'm in the process of making that happen one more year. And there wouldn't be a job to quit slow going to be going. All right. Okay. Very our. I'm tell you. I I will tell you driving as you know. It's the fella ping so far. So very talented in in this this thing even ahead to today about this this what's the work the log at just about. Yes. Executive brilliant, the will really need up, but they. Can all like traffic is so much media attention. And I think we have a lot of potential hair. So I mean, I think this is only just the like if you compare free diving to to things like a climbing or surfing, you know, this is just the beginning as far as free diving media goes, so I'm kind of happy to be at the start of it epseta chain. Sounding together. Let's let's get back to you though. So at the moment, you are you consider yourself, basically a. Fulltime athlete. I am. Yeah. Because you know, a lot of people who are actually also athletes are also like, you know, like doing some day job as well. Right and free diving world because the opportunities for sponsorship and for making a living from free diving or quite limited. So, but you are filled time focusing on this sport as your your way of life. Maybe you could. You know, take us through the vote. You're where you're at right now, you are what stage of your training. What's did your of your period is Asian are you what are your plans for this year in terms of which competitions? Or you're going to be going to what is this year? Gonna look like for you. That's like a lot of questions that was like four or five questions all at once. It's like, you know, you know, are, you know, diverse dollars the memory of divers. I can't even remember what I was talking about. Now, I wanted to to something about this being like full-time athletes because it sounds, you know, it's very nice. And honestly like I'm so prohibited. During the than doing it in a lucky out to to be doing what I actually love in because. I am athletes in my soul in core. And I just, you know, loved his this element leather. So I I am not. But it was very very hard way. It's not easy to because you know, some people might think that autumn should just like of straining, but it's not that is it in like basically for two years of my professional career. You know, was basically coming from from my, you know, like from the from what my parents left me in sister also because I couldn't afford it wouldn't be able to afford it in. Also, it's you know, we sold munc- stir our home, my parents are not the not the here anymore. So you know, it was not it was not easy. So basically, I invested missile over home in both invested in. Our new life. So it's not easy after that. Because I was I was turning to heart because I was being very consistent because I was doing really really with results because I was very active with the media which takes on a lot of energy out of you allowed gentlemen. That's, you know, result at the end as the, you know, the sponsors Slava's Lumley approaching it's still very hard. But you know, so just the my just to be sure it's not easy being wasn't added to you on a plate just to make sure people are aware as most of the people who are listening have a pretty good idea. How the professional free divers life differs from the professional footballer's life, or example. Yeah. Exactly, exactly. Now in the end the at the end of the year is not like I can be. The house or something. I mean, I won't be able to be the house dismay. Let's be clear here. Now, I just take it as my own personal development. You know, exploration growth in on this ally. However, take this experience, and I'm sure it would have made lie in my future about about straining 's. Well, I was I was doing some training the become I started based training on Sabina. And I'm very happy must say that. It's the first time I have a coach and I have a coach straightening in conditioning coach they're cautioning. She's basically a next week for a swimmer coach. So finally, you know, I have someone I work with and the allowed verse time that you're going to be working with the coach during your China. Thing pre-competition season. Exactly exactly now because we because we have a very good communication, and we are working really really well. But unfortunately, she needs to be Savina. I'm here in bungalow. So it's very hard to work together that so now we're trying to to. Yeah. To Geico here. Be can be you know, full-time culture can be with me. She can give me even the support that we were talking before because the support is super super important in because it get better very very hard, especially when you are like before copetition, you're super tired. You know, you begin your shape, your big performance, and then you have to deal with all the logistics. If it can get better stressful nemo and an automation than the Nydia because now getting more and more attention, you know, so it's good to have someone. Also, just just to listen, you know, so that would be that would be really great if not this year, I hope next year. So this is something new in my training. I saw can we heard on the van Bor Saudis, some based reineck recon and now the computing law startled so with the with Stipe that tr-. Training because I mean, it makes sense right to take advantage of the fact that I'm here. So let's say do I come to today's of that trading Monday put training, and then of course, also in the afternoon, I do some like additional training sub, gene. And then the fourth day I have a day off and in the letter mice cycle right now. But obviously this this change comic closer to the competition road to the moments like three days on one day off. The one day one and a half, they pool kind of thing. I'd be interested to hear in like first of all which competitions. Will you be attending this year? Yeah. So my first petition will be here in the house run. Yes. Exactly. So I was lucky enough to get on the on the stock as as getting crazy like it's boss, so quickly the places now, I think I think it was forty like seven or even less minutes. I mean, it's crazy.

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