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To go. So we're going to be supporting the school and the students first and foremost as a parent, I can tell you that I will be leaving my children at home. Luckily, I have a safe place for them. And my parents are there my siblings. Everybody's there to take care of them. But I think it's better to have less bodies at school for us to do better work with the children do have to be here. Yeah. So I mean, this is someone who who who does acknowledge that they're going to have very limited resource. To deal with you know, the the kids that will ultimately have to go to school. So when I talked to superintendent beaten or yesterday at last count they had about four hundred subs that were definitely coming in. They've been recruiting parent volunteers. But of course, you do the math. It's easy to see that's thirty thousand plus leaving these campuses that are supposed to care for about five hundred thousand kids, you know, they're kind of an alert when it comes to staffing during the strike. Let's talk about the issues that are keeping the two sides apart, and what the strike is really all about what does it come down to? I mean, there is a deep and wide Gulf between what UT LA wants. And what the district is offering the district thus far has offered a six percent pay raise with backpay. The also are offering about thirty million dollars. So that's one to two percent of their general fund to go towards more staffing. So maybe an extra nurse or a librarian on campus. And what they're offering actually totally aligns with. With what this third party neutral fact-finding panel. That was appointed by the state the recommendations they came up with. But UCLA says it doesn't even scratch the surface of what they want UT LA points to this nearly two billion dollar reserve that they say the district is hoarding that they think could be tapped into to to make some really substantive changes when it comes to reducing classroom size when it comes to adding staff librarians counselors, nurses. I mean, a lot of these campuses have a nurse that will come to school school of seven hundred once a week. And they said that just doesn't cut it when you're trying to provide, you know, top rate care for these kids. So they really think there's a lot more money to be spent the also want reduce standardized testing, they say teachers already inundated with too many kids in class. Also have to spend a lot of hours out of the day. You know, administering task focusing one on one with a student on how to better prepare for a specific test. And then they want, you know, they're they're big. Nemesis in all of this is the charter schools, and they want more regulations for charter schools. They want them to have to pay relocation fees when they do co locate onto a public school campus. So they've got you know, a deep set of demands. And the district is saying look we've met your salary demands. We can't spend that two billion dollars. They say it's already spent they say, you know, Butte told me this yesterday. And this is you know, it's his word versus Alex Caputo pearls word for the last, you know, many weeks Butin says we submitted our budget for the next three years to both the county on the state at county and the state it's twenty four billion dollars. That includes that two billion dollar reserve. It's already been spent an accounted for we don't have an extra two billion that you know, we are hoarding away. It's been spent and were still marching towards insolvency. And let's face facts. The state does not spend as much as other states do on public education, California is what forty six in the nation. Third out of all the states in the country on how much as New York City. Right. Exactly. And and buehner did say that ninety percent of the district's funding comes from the state. So really, you know, the the governor elector, you know, presumably, the governor as of today, you know, talking about budget allocation, you know, this is something that he's going to have to face as far as education spending in California case, Johnny Hamill. Thank you so much. Thanks madeline. And tomorrow the talking with Alex Caputo Pearl the head of the teachers union about.

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