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Bromate consignment store and found forty thousand dollars worth of math inside instead of plastic bricks. The bullet county sheriff's office said that the three said three women told investigators that they purchased the box which was labeled as containing some LEGO toy at a consignment shop. Brought it back to statesboro where they gave it to a young child sheriff's investigator. Jim Riggs of the trial opened the box and discovered a large bag of math forty thousand dollars worth sheriff's office said they believe the math was hidden inside the box by drug distributors and mail to an empty or abandoned address. Investigators have postal workers will sometimes not deliver to address his bacon and the unclaimed packages will later be auctioned off. They said that was likely how the box ended up for sale a consignment shop. Oh, no. No, no. That's not it. It was it was a LEGO crack house set Boehner candidate. Number one. Boehner candidate number two. The planet is doomed. I read this this morning. I just that's what I thought. I went oh, my the planet. We're just doomed. On the deepest dive ever made by humans inside of a submarine. A Texas investor and explorer found something he could have found in the gutter of nearly any street in the world trash Victor Scoville. A retired naval officer said he made the unsettling discovery as he descended nearly six point eight miles. That's thirty five thousand eight hundred fifty three feet to appoint at the Pacific. Ocean's Mariana trench that is the deepest place on earth. And they found trash there is dive. Yup. Whenever we're fifty two feet lower than the previous deepest descent in the trench in nineteen sixty and Moscow found undiscovered species. As he visited places that no human had gone before. And I want occasion. He's been four hours on the floor of the trench viewing see life ranging from shrimp like arthropods with long legs intent to translucent CPA's similar to a sea. Cucumber seeping see how heels. He also wondering if he could have see forum, that's all he also saw plastic and metal objects one with writing on it. It was very disappointing to see obvious human contamination of the deepest point in the ocean. Said everything's fine. In object described by a spokesperson for the five deeps, marina expedition as men manmade as luminated, oh, it's there's a picture of it in this story. Plastic waste is created epidemic. Proportions in the world's ocean with an estimated one hundred million tons of plastics dumped in the ocean sedate Cording to the United Nations. Scientists have found large amounts of micro plastic in the guts of of deep dwelling Namath's like Wales. Yeah. Micro-plastics? I think there's this little those little beads that they put in like, scrubs like face scripts and all that kind of stuff. Don't don't buy those. They have natural ones that have like. Or something isn't, but you can get them I know with sugar sugar and or salt, but miss the abrasive yet. Don't don't buy the ones with thinking about this the other day, we you know, the grocery sacks. And we still can't recycle those now they come up the. You take them back to the store. I don't know. Exactly what they have some put them in your recycling in. You can take him to the grocery store, and they'll I don't get them. I never get him, of course. But you do occasionally. Yeah. I keep them for dog poop, that's what over my cereal. But then where do they go? In the garbage. And then where does that go? Well, it's not it goes into the landfill. That's not good. You're putting that plastic in the landfill where we don't want. It. What am I supposed to pick up the dog poop with there? You can get eco-friendly your hands. You can get equal EKO friendly bags to see that Twitter video of the beluga whale. Yeah. Where it was bringing bringing the knows bringing a phone back to a person who had dropped their phone in the wall. No, I didn't see them. Yeah. I picked it up out of the water and brought it back to them on their raft. And I think that was the whales way of saying keep your plastic s out of the oceans his anyway, number two. The planet is doomed don't put those in the garden. That's coming up in a moment. Boehner candidate number three. It was a grownups happy meal owner candidate number three for round two coming up after this big boy news and opinion window brought to you by Rio Grande concert series at the gateway continuing this Thursday with Cup sport live music food trucks craft beer from salt flats brewery and cocktails free to the public details at shop, the gateway dot com..

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