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Hello and welcome back to the mass singer. Hops pop jazz where? I don't know if you've heard where the super nine We get to revisit people who we have not seen on the show in quite some time and we get to talk about all the nonsense situations that the show put us in in a very fun but somewhat uncomfortable to our super nine. I am your host the rubber chickens and Mickey. Leigh and I'm not going to try and do the April fools thing of. Oh I don't have a co host this week or so co-host left and now we got a new co host. Is the one person always here? Ready to talk singer with me. It's Liana the whoopee cushion or Liana. How're you doing today? You might have to find a new CO host. This is so boring clue. Packages were literally just recaps within a quote unquote super clue at the end. There was so much filler. I totally felt you with the the the in betweens with other contestants when they swapped masks April fools day got cancelled because of covert nineteen. I know that they've filmed this way before. This was ever a problem but still. It's no Eric from San Bernardino but my God off not okay. So the April Fools yes. It is an insensitive time to be trying to pull the wool over ones is when the reality of the world is harsh as it is but it's just be cancelled outright. Why do we need a day where everyone is going to go out of their way to out? Dick one another. I'm not I'm not about that life. I'm not about the. Oh I have an announcement to make on my facebook just kidding. I didn't do that. They said I was going to do. Or Hey just did a new thing and it's like a picture of like the net flicks head studio checkout. Sorry kidding don't have a show. I'm actually just sat on looking for attention like why April fool's Day it was created by. Hallmark is a ploy to sell cards so that that is true. You're trying to fool me. I know that's a Valentine's Day thing that's not a theory. It's not as April fools and birthdays. Okay no home. Yeah no.

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