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I'm an easy. He carry in a bujak nigeria. Well up in alaska. An entrepreneur has given customers away to fight back against the corona virus. More than that they can beat up the virus caroliina toll a day doll sells handmade pinatas out of her home and her latest creation. It's a pinata in the shape of the covid nineteen virus when it comes to covid nineteen for sure. I think you'd release. Smashed embraced them and heed them meaning. Eight-year-old rose consign took that to heart. She let loose a whole lot of pent-up frustration. Here's what she told. Alaska public media. Well i just felt like vida. The heck covid. Covert vinnie outta. Apparently quite a few people have some pandemic frustration to let out as soon as vidal posted pictures of the pinatas on her instagram account. The orders started rolling in while. I'm not surprised. I can think of maybe more than a few applications for something like that. I'll bet you can. It's the world's at everything in it. Today is wednesday april twenty. I thank you for turning to world radio to help start your day. Good morning. i'm mary record. And meghan basham coming next on the world and everything in it keeping it clean. This country has around three hundred and eighty thousand churches. Now they don't clean themselves. Of course someone has to do it. Custodians and janitors are responsible for that task they scrub dust vacuum and now even prevent the spread of disease. But there's more to the work than the physical world correspondent. Elizabeth stopped by a church and discovered a custodian who.

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