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Battle rapper. Yeah like show some big right now. Yeah wrapping big. Like the whole separate genre but i mean i'm not a good reverend. I'm just saying i'm good as like shit. On someone's life so bad they would probably like jump off for so bridge like i'll make them they'll get like i say shit that will kill you inside in your life. I was like lamm now. I'm really really racking. I can go real dark. could sit on your life. You should asami on the xbox and targeting dark quick. yeah so anyways are y'all how can we stay in contact with you guys at short kelly. Twenty seven only seven ricky fields. Start somewhere in there and the saka underscoring between these letter yup next episode is going to be. The complete opposite is only right that we make an episode talking about perseverance in pushing through hard times. So that's the next episode. Hope you guys have a great monday. Great week if you doing something. That's wasting time with that shit. Quit as shit. Mcquaid it credit credit credit be smart. Listen and let it go. Let it go. We are out basis piece. Kelly kelly right..

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