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Is actually shattered. This car was hit three times in a situation. No one is in custody as of yet, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy says he will oppose a proposal to form an independent bipartisan commission to investigate the deadly January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. His rejection of the measure almost certainly erodes GOP support ahead of a vote. The card. They wanted to wanted the new panel to look beyond the violent uprising by supporters loyal to Donald Trump, who were trying to stop the certification of President Joe Biden's election. He pushed to have an investigation of other groups, namely black lives matter. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in the top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, to who drafted the proposal rejected that approach. India's covert 19 testing capabilities lag far behind its right of new infections. Over the past month. New cases have more than tripled and deaths have gone up sixfold. It's testing on Lee increased 1.6%. The AP is Charles delayed, Desmond is their their fields that many cases they're going on. Detective experts also say India has lagged behind in during the testing needed to track and better understand the virus variant first detected in the country yesterday in the His health ministry said. 17 new labs are being brought online help track virus variants and police say a strike launched from Gaza was killed to tie workers inside a packaging plant in southern Israel. That attack today came hours after Israeli airstrikes toppled a six story building in the Palestinian territory that house bookstores and educational centers. With the war between Israel and Gaza. Hamas rulers showing no sign of abating, Truce efforts apparently have stalled Palestinians across Israel and the occupied territories went on strike and rare collective action against Israel's policies since the fighting began last week. Israeli military has launched hundreds of airstrikes It says they're targeting Hamas is militant infrastructure, while Palestinian militants have fired more than 3400 rockets from civilian areas in Gaza at targets in Israel. And now w g and sports. Here is David it Even without Jose A. Breyer. The White Sox aren't having trouble scoring runs a bre you out this serious with ankle inflammation, but without him, the Sox scored a season high 16 and winning their Syriza opener against the Twins. And they play against tonight with Lance Lynn on the mound that comes host Washington again and look to get back above 500 with a win. Zach Davies starts Charlotte, Indiana. Boston Host Washington is the MBA play in tournament begins David WGN Sports and the forecast from the WGN. Chicago Weather Center meteorologist Morgan Coat, Meyer. Hi. There. Temperatures today will make it into the seventies lakeside readings in the upper sixties. We've got a cloudy sky with showers on the way Most of that arrives in the afternoon. Far far South sees a little light rain by late morning otherwise about 75 today Lakeside 67 with southeast winds 10 to 15 Gusting to 25 Tonight A few more scattered showers will fall to the low sixties. Tomorrow near 80 degrees, with a few more showers. That is your forecast from the WGN Weather Center. I'm Morgan Coke, Meyer. No. Your.

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