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Get to the hospital immediately. Because we know that time is brain the longer the time. The brain isn't gonna end up blood flow, the more likely you're going to have permanent injury MandA factor. Komo news. Learn John singleton's name in nineteen ninety one. When he directed boys in the hood at age twenty four he was the youngest person ever to be nominated for the Academy Award for best director, the Pacific northwest takes the gold and bronze medals when it comes to the best states in which to be a nurse. Come. Brian Calvert has more. The new findings were just released by wallet hub based on pay opportunity and work environments, Oregon. Just named the best state to work as a nurse. Washington ranked third perhaps that means we'll get more nursing school graduates to move here. Twenty twenty-five author Mark Brunell spoke with us yesterday about projected nursing shortages. He says this country pays its nurses, pretty well and remind states like ours. The best way to keep nurses on the job. It's about preparing new digital. And also making balance between rural areas and areas. A while it hub survey. Also states nursing expected to grow at more than double the rate of the average occupation in the country through twenty twenty six. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Komo news time twelve forty sports at ten and forty past the hour from the Harley exterior sports desk. Looks like the Washington. Huskies are losing a couple of their highly recruited quarterbacks. Komo Bill Swartz with more two four seven sports reports. Washington husky Richard freshman quarterbacks Jacob sermon and Colson Yankov have entered the NCWA transfer porthole. Other college coaches can now contact them immediately. Both players were highly recruited by U dub butter behind. Jacob and Jake Hainer and the seating chart. Here's what huskies quarterbacks coach offensive coordinator. Bush hamden told me during spring camp think it gets hoarder.

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