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Was chosen because this played dorna sequence of the game where both the very beginning where mega man and proto man are captured by the enemy. Adversary of the game. So role is being retrofitted slightly to more of a combat robot. So she get in help get them out of their captivity So why would i pick this trek well because my first matchup is danny tanner from the series full house versus role. From the mega man franchise. So why would they make an interesting compared comparison group so role in her original on i was cleaning robot. She was made to tidy up around the lab and assist doctor light with his experimental work. Those like cannon blasts or whatever danny. Tanner is notorious on full house. For being a neat freak I guess business before people even talked about the actual cost of what it can surely entail but they used to give him grief about on. The show is like ocd. or like. I remember that and he wasn't a job like reading the weather on tv or something. Now he was a he was a host on the show. Wake up san francisco along with his friend and eventual sister or cousin onto the whatever she was becky that was a very aggressive title. Wake up san francisco. You better get the hiccups san francisco. Where else big occurred. I always kind of paired them together. In the sense that you have a robot who was tailored with the idea of being a constant cleaner and daddy who was a human. But when something's dirty he must have all sorts of energy getting that thing taking care of So i feel like they would get along great as far as friends go though. I kind of also think that role will get burned out by danny daddy. Daddy is too much recber her. There's too much for too too much for her. Fight back and see them being involved some sort of like cleaning competition and the sense of like taking taking out the trash cleaning the basement and he's cleaning like the second floor and like they're trying to go so they can so one of them can get to like the the the the bedroom i. You know exactly. And then of course if they're being judged very specific key elements in their cleaning. Pack that decapitate bears like setup. So that they're very intentionally dirty and if they don't meet the standards that there if they miss those spots they get docked points so it's not just getting to the one location central location. I is getting there while also hitting all your cleaning context so what you're not told what those cleaning contracts or why you gotta be on top of your game. Well guess what we did. We did overlap quite a bit and that's fine. We're it's go with it. Because i also picked a role for mega man and and she's gonna get matched up with someone else from full house as well. I don't know why that worked in my mind. I was like yeah why not. I gotta pick full house in there somewhere. So this is actually rolls theme for marvel versus capcom for the arcade. So one thing to note is that role was a hidden character. In the arcade on there were four four or five hidden characters in the game. Or if you actually go to the select screen you move the joystick around in specific patterns and it would unlock characters like dark. Dark chen-lien and dark Nash or whatever dark guile where the sprites were just darker and they had like overpowered moves and they could fly in the air and stuff except a role that rollers just roll. She was his little girl. Who was mega. Man's like a little sister or whatever and she was kind of weak but she was there. All of the hidden characters had one theme except for role. They gave roll her own music. And it's got lyrics so this is roles theme for.

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