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Bruce willis walked out of a cave and say. Hey you guys read a party glass to setup checkout ted lhasa with jason shaka's nasa show okay the random random thoughts. I'm eating soup right now. This is kinda random. He's let's check out the last day. Great show. I'm going to check out the rifle man. You guys got me and you should. You should may rifleman's a fun. Show man you gotta watch episode. With abraham lincoln because it opens with him wrestling abraham lincoln yard game. It's lincoln they're going to have dinners often. You find out. This is a guy who who don't spoil it okay. Not all split away to the episode all seventy year old show mini shows a missile crazy crazy twists going on. They tell you the back. Because you're like well this picture. Of abraham lincoln. It's like any say. Explain the mark like His daughter died and so he starts thinking. He's abraham way and and the whole town just goes with. No no no okay. Yeah that's brilliant man as see this shows in say this. Oh you know what i forgot. I was going to show you something before we get into the next thing here. We're about to wrap up the the ad break right here soprano by the time. I bring this up soon. I'm talking about but this is this is crazy. Where did i put it. though there. We go up in my documents. On the rifleman maryland did have a lot of fun. So friday we showed the rifleman and play one episode. And say hey look. I'm not going make watch anymore if you want to see it but by then the perceptual man. Fuck you play. Yeah they will love and it man. I'll let me see your kid to sit down and watch. Yep he is your kids. Being b-be entirety of the internet chat toasty community. Oh let me see here. The intro to the rifleman. So i'm i'm to show you guys something here with the rifleman of this ending is one of the craziest things i've seen. You cannot go here it is. You can't do this today. man. Now i'm on i'm on a i'm gonna say how this is setup because like the way they set this up in context it is. It just doesn't play. Well let me see if i can the civil war like yeah just one of those things that habit alternative history and yeah. It's like well you know. He's a confederate soldier and they had their point of view. Yeah they never. They never talked about you. Know how racism of red and blue or the direction agree are the blue integrate. Goddamn just made a whole new. American i got. I'm on the spectrum I guess is in another episode. I mean so. They tried to make this very emotional. Let me bring up. There's other episodes. I 'cause y'all need to see this. I know i'm taking a while to get here but this shit is crazy. It really is Let me see. Oh the rifleman yaw. Oh here it is another one. I want you to save it okay. So so why. Do let me before i do that. Let me just tell you about the rifleman. So i was telling martin about how you guys you guys. Join me on. Friday when we had a view and party for the rifleman Rifleman damn right. He stop looking at the cameras. That cameraman is even like under man when they get their last season. Find every excuse. They can't ahead him. Take your shirt off. Oh of course and ain't no women around but that's what makes us weirder so either. Somebody's we're going to show and they knew exactly.

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