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A citing five sources with knowledge of the conversation buzzfeed news reports that national security adviser h r mcmaster c l of the story has called his commander in chief at would be uh donald trump an idiot and a dope emma kindergardner who during a private dinner with oracle ceo safra cats cats has had a notably close relationship with the trump administration and denied the comments when asked by buzzfeed cats who has served as ceo of oracles massive database management operation since 2014 has been cozy with the trump team from the beginning of its time in power but she was having a dinner with mcmaster who claim that the president has the intelligence of a kindergardner it must be claims at least four sources heard the mcmasters comments directly from cats herself a six source wasn't familiar with the dinner but confirmed that they heard similar comments from mr mcmaster from the report i wonder what this will mean for h r mcmaster will none weld he firing well yeah pleasure you know trump will make him do a a public mea culpa sagged didn't say it or something like that they i was a big brain as good bray on this is just like rex tillerson yeah and rex tillerson didn't say he didn't say it he just came out and said why are we talking about this quit asking me questions about it he didn't deny it and he didn't lose his job either that's what will happen here now uh now thank god thank god clyde who was missing from his home in eagle mountain saved clyde clyde the emu back home and safe an eagle mountain thanks to a rescuer how do you lose an emu weli g i don't i don't think that you know they w they didn't pat their pockets and say where's the evil you know i've missed playing a big thing that i i i i think that the eu move gina was as i think that's what actually have fly out do you now it started hailing and she had quite the tent with her and she just held on to win uh kim o'donnell with friends in need animal rescue he said a volunteer named casey spotted quiet on a hillside and kept him lome under a tent as the weather turned to hail so the.

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