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Stand down Fred Plotkin has more on the Iranian response for the U. S. is saying that there were electronic counter measures that essentially jammed the real droning calls that to crash this was apparently done by marines were on board the USS box of course is an amphibious ship that does have a lot of marines on board but actually for the first time I've got a denial from the Iran in specifically to what president trump said says the top spokesman for Iran's military saying contrary to trump's delusional and groundless claims all drones dilute belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Persian Gulf and the street of promos including the one mentioned by the U. S. president have returned to their bases safe and sound after carrying out surveillance operations of the runs for the first time acknowledging that this took place and the knowledge that they were flying a drone in the vicinity of the USS boxer again of course the strait of four moves we've seen some massive incidents there over the past couple of months tankers that were attacked the U. S. blaming that on the Iranians the Iranian saying that it wasn't them and then of course you had that incident where the Iranians shot down an American a surveillance drone claiming that that was in their air space the you of a US of course continues to say it wasn't international airspace and now the Iranian revolutionary guard pouring more oil onto the flames are saying that they believe that the U. S. every time they go into the Persian Gulf feel they're going into hell and every time the U. S. leaves they feel that they are leaving held Fred fly can reporting nine minutes after the hour president trump distances himself from those who chanted send her back at a campaign rally this week correspondent Linda Kenyan has that story this is what happened at the rally in Greenville North Carolina as the president spoke about L. Han marked the Minnesota congresswoman who has been an outspoken opponent of the president Omar came to this country as a refugee from Somalia and this.

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