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Example of shop shot model versus some other companies like taylor and so forth before where were shot actually the platform for ecommerce but then some of them have tried to kind of be the platform but then they moved to becoming marketplaces. So it's kind of like you know the square. You're thinking horizontal lucien and and kind of moving down the value chain of owning the product as well so i think my point being. I think it's a very immature market right. Now with micro mobility. And by the way i think there's you know investors are still gun ho because they see this you know ten billion twenty billion thirty billion dollar market which is going to happen. I mean it's happening. You're right. I voice just killing it. They're winning city by city by city and six months from now or in a be beyond cova. Hopefully if we're lucky everything goes in the right direction. I think is just the beginning so either. An interesting idea would be if voi- or any of the other brands such become the actual aggregated to other services smaller services that could connect to their platform. That's one way of doing it or if a different type of company comes just like lime date with uber right. I don't know. I assume that started in the. Us where you could actually book aligned through your ober service. We have that in stockholm at least so they're kind of connecting to each other anyway the big players so there is some type of flexibility In terms of how you access customers and kind of how you aggregate okay. That's two companies aggregating but that's one step towards becoming moving closer to aggregation. So i think a. It's a super complex business so there's openings in the value chain for things. That boy shouldn't be doing that. They can't be best at maybe. That is you know getting all the customers in. Maybe the best Running the platform b. There's already aggregation happening in kind of very immature levels in between big companies and and maybe maybe smoke and see..

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