Selfpolicing, LSD, Hillary Clinton discussed on Background Briefing


Of all people ripa mudoch saratoga it's a pretty amazing isn't it how hillary clinton was in the old world of tv advertising where the trump people recognised this new arena on information manipulation such a media absolutely yeah i mean you know they've got the jump uh they go to jump on how hugely uh it was a terrible mistake by clinton now weather uh uh they also gold external help uh it seems that they gave uh who's about it because it message uh the tech hearing is that um you know that was a little bit of uh advertising bulls from russian sources and this is why i face because reluctantly agreed to to make some concessions uh but i think the tech hearings very instructive because all the social media companies ways that she dragged before eight p secondly they make concessions to do not guy falling off begrudgingly and thirdly uh extends band in the the month since then i think much has changed down i'm this is the point i don't think much will change i think selfpolicing doesn't work uh i'm a and i think the situation is going to get a lot worse before it gets better so is the kind of perversion of of democracy in this inasmuch as this this notion that this is spreading individual rights to not just be consumers of information but to be producers of information the best analogy i could come up with those in the 1960s when people took lsd and they put a bit of some paint gel on a piece of glass and flashed on on on the ceiling and suddenly they were picasso's so is there a kind of perversion of in a we hear from the political rights in this country all the time like the carpool hasn't kept talking about freedom freedom freedom all these supreme court rulings are all about freedom and it fails to me to some extent that social media is being sold as a as an instrument of freedom when you can argue that it's in slavery people because people like lena russian trawl thumbs can manipulate them obsolete he i know the top five at you taping is f coined by uh movie will fay getting more is all with his body belief that uh give amount of women access to the internet it will set them free offer at time it seemed like that and he you revolutions in uh egypt and.

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