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It's just interesting to have this disease that's like an invisible disability where i look normal from the outside and i wouldn't want to not look normal from the outside i mean no one stares at me 'cause i've got diabetes but that means that they don't understand how hard it is one thing that's really stood out to me through the course of this conversation is how much we have in common and it's it's really interesting to hear someone else say things that i have nearly in the exact same words thought myself yes i believe so we are a lot alike which i thought that we were very different is far as tight one in type two diabetes that's kisha brooker and catherine price talking about living with diabetes katia has type two and catherine type one within thirty million people in the us deal with this kind of thing it's an epidemic that's sweeping the country changing lives and our healthcare system but other countries have higher numbers yet india has been called the diabetes capital of the world more than sixty million people there have this illness that's the highest rate globally barry popkin is one of the researchers trying to figure out what's causing this diabetes explosion he's an attrition professor at the university of north carolina he works at their school of global public health berry says that people of indian descent are genetically predisposed to developing type two diabetes which is related to body fat with specially fat around the heart and deliver what we call visceral fat that fat around your heart and liver doesn't necessarily show up on the scale sometimes we call this skinny fat or normal weight obesity or.

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