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Looking at 75 degrees in Kissimmee. It is 75, now Orlando's severe weather station, Speaking of Kasumi. Same touch security, Red alert. Triple team traffic. What's going on? Eric Crown, Not a mess. You're gonna find out on the turnpike south southbound. Shut down! Just the South. Of Kasumi Park Road does. Outbound lanes are all clogged up with a semi truck fire. They're not getting that under control. They just got to get the heavy duty rigs in there to get all of this mess out of there and also opened the North bound lane because you're stuck that way, too. So avoid that home masks. Don't get on the junction. If you're going north don't to you can't get out of consuming part Road but used 4 41 or 95 as your alternate to the turnpike. EDS. Or inside for For eastbound. You've got a crash just after a state road 46 that's gotta left lane blocked, causing a little bit of a slowdown in that area. Your biggest delay on I for eastbound is going to be your typical morning congestion from us 27 to 5, 32 and I four westbound still remains all clear from Sanford into downtown. Visit the refresh computer superstore and Long way to get a complete Windows 10 system for just 189 99 at refresh computers. They have what you need at every budget visit, refresh computers dot net. With traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning. We're helping you get to work on time from the Wdbo Triple team Traffic Center. I'm Ed torrents now. Yeah. Now the three big things you need to know. Three NBA Finals Game three. Last night, The Milwaukee Bucks beat Phoenix 1 20 to 100. Bucks.

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