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Radio one thousand K. T. O. K. I'm okay something else here folks like I just I was looking at the drudge page and there's a there's a graphic companies in this story and it's all about doomsday forecasts for the next few months in America the doomsday forecasts are the result of a model from the university of Pennsylvania Wharton school now this this model which is a relatively new model on the Sam it's been out there but we haven't it is not been on the top two models that are constantly cited the one from the U. K. and the one for the state of Washington but the university of Pennsylvania's Wharton school which is by the way trump's alma mater very big point here the Wharton school model is predicting ready for this that I thought I thought I thought I looked at a lot covert nineteen cases are going to reach five point four million and the death toll could be two hundred ninety thousand by July twenty fourth that is if if there is re opening but don't worry because the warden model only predicts four point three million cases M. two hundred thirty thousand deaths not two hundred ninety thousand by July twenty fourth at stage three open but continues social distancing nobody in the real purpose of this is since everything is politicized since everything has been corrupted by the left touches what do you think this is this is the new version of two point two million people could die if you don't shut down two point two million people get diving on Medicaid this is all part of the relentless effort to prevent or to slow down the re opening of the U. S. economy that's all there is do not doubt me it's an attempt to scare everybody into resisting opening up even if your state opens up you're supposed to stay scared and.

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