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Honestly think lane just trolling us like being like here's a layup for everyone and i will check out my assistant coaches wives before a higher them what is their tung tastes like the questions i have to ask myself yes uh hank what do you got for hoops back on my who's back is the letter b o bought lot of bees are back this week berman was back buzzerbeaters were back yup boxing's back while there was a great fight bruins are back three straight win second place in the elena conference potholes i don't know about that always asi nzis and the b lines are back uh john beeline when the big ten tournament in his son patrick one the any 10tournament to john beeline islahuddin these john be lines and unbelievable coach i do not root for michigan but john beeline is one of the best coaches in college basketball comfortable saying how did you put all that together because that's that's a shipload obese and bitcoin you're jammed bitcoin tujan visas keep gone good news beazer no longer dying and alarming written couch brought him back good job hank thank you and you can spell on anything else no that's it that's just the bijeljac drop in the beat relented among us uh home i only at one who's back and these yet 3point o 3point oh heck yes they heard it his uh all right let's get to our interview we have ryan pace gm of the chicago bears on the show before we do that felix gray you guys you probably stare at a screen every single day you look at your phone you look at your computer or guess what you're eyes are shit and feels gray's here to help you out no matter what you do work you're looking at that computer feels great lenses are specifically designed to filter blue light and eliminate glare from screens which are the two main culprits behind digital i strain they're glass a blue light filtering technology embedded into the lenses so the remain effective without the telltale yellow tint or coloured disarray shen distortion sorry of other blue light filtering glasses felix gray's frames are handcrafted from premium italian acetate this is the same stuff for such uses ever heard room.

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