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Yourselves think of an a motto for your tendency and try to think of a lot of that's going to capture but the negative and positive aspects of your modest so i go round him and asking the upholders of asking the rebels of asking um the obliges than i finally come to the questioners and i'm like okay what's your motto and they said our motto is why do we need a motto you at got it right you nail and ahead you need a modicum like okay say no more i have no answer to that so absolutely guide us so funny isn't have done it proves that we need those people we do this i mean this is one of the things that have been released right keeps me because often people will say clearly want to hire oblige irs or how do we create the perfect team and i'm like in a you really if you don't have all for you're really missing something that's important because each of these have a tremendous strength and also a weakness and a limitation and so we all complement each other in ways that it took me a long time to understand and studying the for tendencies how really like as an upholder the opposite of unemployed irs of rebel and i learn so much by trying to route my mind around the rebel perspective it's really open my mind in ways that i didn't understand that my mind was closed off and i think all of it and then questioners it's like there's so much value there in oblige or like it's so important understand their perspective and like what they're bringing yeah it's been really interesting for me to see how complimentary they are yeah because otherwise i mean if he has too much of one type like deadlines might be man still know if someone's rebelling too much then yes how do we eat in like a political saddened yeah well now there's there's incredible yeah and and what about you'll frienship groups to you kind of how much do you think can quiz things this is just like let them.

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