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Life donna in dallas texas in the email lynnwood kickoff for that he says i have polyps in my colon a recently had a colonoscopy emma doctor says the noncancerous but they had me concerned and i don't want them to turn into something later on or have more what can i do when it comes down to the polyps again remember most of them are benign which means that there's nothing really their noncancerous so that's the good news the gauso good news in this is that if you really begin to work on your diet and folk on increasing your fiber intake easily about thirty to forty grams of fiber per day and also more fruits and vegetables eating the right kinds of foods non inflammatory based foods that's another great way to go because the colon itself again the types of foods that we eat on a regular basis will determine the type of health we're going to have always and thick but the digestive tract as the first line of defence for the body all the way around and any obviously polyps there could be some genetic markers with that but very rare more than anything is going to be your lifestyle choices so get in the right kind of foods in on a regular basis getting uh the right type of nutrients and is going to be important so district remember the rule of thumb about thirty to forty grams of fiber and make sure you're carbohydrates you come in from vegetables for the most part some fruits and then lean quality protein sources healthy fats and that typically creates a nice balance that does well and print plenty warner make sure you stay hydrated at least half her body weight announces a water every single day sale if you way 150pounds who for about seventy five allinces of water a day.

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