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You think you go chance tomorrow and and he was talking about Dustin Johnson's like, Well, yeah, I think if I play good begin, you know, he's only won one of these, and I've won more than that so You know, you kind of did kind of throw down the gauntlet Jimmy. There's a player tied for second name of Scottie Scheffler and I got to admit, I don't know much about him 24 years old on Leah's fourth major there's ever participated in. He made eight birdies yesterday and would have been tied for the lead. Had he not bogeyed the final hole yesterday. Do you have to, you know, be there a few times? Do you think in majors before you win one Well, history suggests yes, but I mean, John Daly would say no, there's and there's other people out there that were young when they want a major, so Um, I mean, not a lot of them come to mind. But the daily the 1st 1 you would think so. But with how talented he would talk about it, I feel like we can tweak, but how talented these guys are. All you got to do is get hot one week. And these guys are so prepared mentally such a young age to accept the challenge. And in fact, I wish I had my mental game that I did when I was 18 years old nature like a chip when I was 18 years old. I got to do it one handed now because I lost a little bit of confidence, but 18 0 no problem. There's a tree on my way. Okay, thing open over here. Three feet make apart, okay? Way to go. These young guys, they have so much talent. Plus, they have the confidence to do everything. It's just Ah, Ah and I had never heard of him either. But up until today, I felt like I was looking at circa 2015 to 2016 with Jason hey was up. Nearly. It was like Holy moly. He's still around, and now you got D J up there. I mean, if you threw a speech in there, Unfortunately, that didn't happen, But you throw a speech in there. It's like, well, this is circa 2015 to 2017 1st Cameron champ is maybe a little bit more familiar Name. He's only 24 1 shot off the lead. He's got a couple of guys. Young guys, one shot behind D. J. And he's only playing in his third major. The challenge has got to be pretty much the same. For him, as it is for for Scheffler. Yeah, I think it's a very same thing. He drives it forever, though he hits it, Cameron Champ long But if he drives it in the fairway, make some putts. Who knows? I mean, I think I think the experience is a big thing. And But in the PGA, especially of all the majors in the PGA, especially Have been some guys that had been there before that all of a sudden jumped up and got the job done. The Sean McKeel Sze of the world exactly that that kind of guy. Who's the guy that beat Tiger? Oh, I know you talk about a Bob. I can't think I can't think right now. But then and Gang. Didn't he be didn't Tiger Anyway, it happens. I mean, but I think you know with the people that are behind Them. With the exception of Captain deejay? No, nobody in the top 12 15 players has much major experience. I mean, there's a couple of major winters back there. But I think it's going to come down there who makes the most 15 to 20 footers, so they knocked it in the middle of the green and makes it makes a few putts from there. You could very well be right about that. There's three players at seven under par, including first Cop Got two time defending champion Paul Casey, who's kind of Sienna are a renaissance in his game as he got into his early forties. He's playing better now than they played during much of the his decade of the being in the thirties, his age 1919 thirties, I say And also common Mark Allah, who I said last week would be a dark horse kind of picked to win this thing because he just hits the ball so great. She's such a great ball striker Jimmy. Any of those three guys are going to bake your cake is somebody that might take a run? Well, you can't bet against Morikawa. I mean, as a dark horse pick. I think it's a good one because he's hot at the right time right now, and you didn't really see his name there Leaderboard until after yesterday's around. Yep, That's true. Paul Casey there, that would be the argument. The guy's been around doing it for a long time. Not so sure about him. But who knows? I mean, this is I really think there's a D. J so lose. You know, it's interesting to go answer. No, no, no, no, no, It's all I'm saying is that it's interesting. Brooks Cap CA really had been playing some by his standards. And, quite frankly, by anybody's standards on tour, some pretty poor golf Until last week, he's had a knee problem That need problem, he reported, has not gotten any better. But last week in Memphis at the WGC event, he played pretty well. Fruit and, you know, it seems like for the bigger events. The The adrenaline starts flowing for this guy. He just plays better. I I agree with you 100%. I mean, back to Moore, Cal. Great Iron player. Maybe the vest on tour. And this is a second shot Got off course. I mean, it is. You can drive it somewhere in the fairway. Of good iron shots going to make a lot of lot of partisan birdies on this golf course. Paul Casey. Popeye. Big Four homes drives it pretty straight hits. Good irons..

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