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How huge part of a man's life is the same under assault and in the senate and he goes on but to me. I love that sentiment. But then i'll go posted on social media and people are like you know as a christian you have to be involved in in the political discussion all the time because we have this societal responsibility to do it so i don't know what the balances they're interesting but the thing is that what they're mixing up is society and politics right right. Can't can't we resolve matters among ourselves without politics. We're always has to be one size. Winner-takes-all one side takes everything. So the the of the there's a mean that's going around right now where it shows. Here's the marketplace and here's ice cream. There's a million flavors you pick the one you want everybody's happy. Then you have american politics you have two flavors and a fifty one percent chooses this flavor. Everybody has that flavor. How is that improvement. And so why would i want as few questions as possible to be resolved in that kind of way. I want as many as possible to be resolved in a matter of well. Maybe we can't agree among ourselves. Now there's no grou- grinch there are some issues. That are so important that we just have to fight them out. I'll grant you but not all of them and sometimes you do more damage even to your own side by fighting it would. It would be much better for me not to try to go to san francisco and make them all live like me that that's never gonna work and meanwhile be neglecting my own children. It'd be much better if san francisco. When i declared a truce and you live your way. And i'll live my way. And maybe by the force of our example one of us want to emulate the other but instead but instead we're just constantly either every four years every two years or now it seems like constantly. We're gonna civil war with each other all the time. And i can't imagine that it's healthy for people for our mental health for our social health to be constantly at odds with each other ripping each other apart with our with our incompatible worldviews. I want these things resolved outside the realm of politics where where more than one side can win and we and we can have peace. Hey you are you enjoying this interview. I am oh i- serum and actually probably sweating trying to think of new questions this very moment. But if you're enjoying it you should become babylon subscriber because the interviews are much longer. Yes and we also have the most fun because the portion of the interview. That does not go up here on youtube. Publicly can't be googled. Sar guess kind of kick back a little bit and get a little looser. They tell us what they really think. And we always do our ten questions which for everybody intends to be the funnest part of the show. Yes so become battle on beat subscriber babylon dot com slash plans. And you get the full interview show and you also get it a day early to now so my the other thing that i think a lot of christians got hung up on and i don't know where you stand on these things but when they hear the word libertarian. I think of a lot of them get hung up on the idea of legalizing drugs legalising prostitution. When does it seems like. That's like the libertarian. Stance is generally like that and there was an assumption about abortion to and also working out that you're teaming up with pro choice people and those are the biggest hangups. I think for christians when it comes to the idea of going full on libertarian. Lib live my approach in these. I'm pro-life so that that resolves that question and there are plenty of prolife. Libertarians as libertarians for life has a great website with some great articles on it and they actually make although they don't have to. You can be religious and be a libertarian. But they they make secular arguments against abortion that. I also find very persuasive that respond to a lot of the common arguments that you hear that. The fetus is an unwanted parasite and so i have the right to expel it. They take care of all those sorts of arguments. Just the way i look at the state is i. Don't want this thing defending my values because five minutes from now it's going to be attacking me and it's going to be assaulting everything i value so i don't want to depend on it i. I'll build my own society with my own values without its help but but right now i mean what more needs to happen before you realize this thing. This thing's not going to be reformed in your lifetime. There's no is just no way it will ever be your friend. It might be your friend for ten minutes. And then you're going to hand over to it all these powers that will then be turned against. You know this is going to. I wish the problems that we face could be solved by a political argument and a vote. These problems are going to take rolling up your sleeves and working and proselytizing and teaching and countering the wrong ideas and making videos and teaching people and explaining things. It's going to take that and it's going to take one soul at a time. I wish we could just have a vote and it's all resolved but it's not now in terms of the other two issues that you mentioned. Well i know that. Thomas acquaintance won't appeal to every viewer but we can at least agree. Thomas aquinas was not an atheist. Let's say right. He spent his entire life contemplating god and theological questions and it was his view that when it came to something like prostitution it could in fact be tolerated because there are there are some situations where when you ban something the outcome could actually be worse and so for example with the drug war. I think the outcome is worse. Because i don't actually think it is possible by the way people could use more drugs if they were legal. That's possible there are countries where they've done this and they haven't had that effect but think about somebody in your life who has a drug problem and ask yourself is imprisonment. The best approach for that person and and what we surely know is going to happen to that person in prison. Is that honestly. The christian approach to this issue is just lock them in a cage with with people you wouldn't want to be within a thousand miles of. That's the best approach. You can come up with. There has to be a more compassionate approach and by the way those are the only two options. Those are the only two options some compassionate approach where we try to get people to help they or we locked them in a cage. And the libertarian. Position is simply saying. Don't want them in a cage. Do whatever else you want. Give them all the resources you want to give them. All the education all the therapy whatever it is but just don't put them in a cage and likewise the way it's not like banning prostitution makes it go away they don't call it the world's oldest profession for nothing somehow it's been evading all these regulations for thousands of years but the way it used to be handled would be well. It went on in the bad part of town. That you that you keep out of but pretty much everybody somewhere along. The line has some moral foibles and we don't necessarily think that these solution to it is. She is to humiliate him completely but rather to to provide for his moral education. But so just because you tolerate. Something doesn't mean that you want it to be shouted from the rooftops everywhere or available outside a school house or whatever. Private property in a in a society of of entirely private property would resolve this because nobody nobody would want to live like that. Nobody wants a school. That has a heroin dealer outside the door. Nobody wants so that that doesn't happen. That this resolves all these kinds of questions about who gets to protest where and who gets to scream and whose face. Well it depends on who owns the property and that tends to result again peacefully peacefully. Resolve these problems. Yeah you mid wit out all right. Well let's move into our subscriber portion. All right we'll ask the real steamy questions real down into some more. Geez they're going to get harder than these are questions will ask the other twenty questions for michael malice.

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