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The balance of power in the Senate hanging in the balance Tuesday to run off elections for two separate Senate seats will be held in Georgia. ABC News political director Reclined says Georgia was seen as an unlikely place to have a runoff. Georgia wasn't thought to be a battleground state on the presidential level initially, and most Democrats thought if they would control the Senate, it would be five victories in other states like May, the North Carolina where they ended up falling short Instead, George is the one that flipped and it went for Joe Biden by north of 10,000. Votes, but it didn't elect either of the Democratic senators in the first round of voting. Because of this quirk in Georgia law, you need to get 50% You need a clear majority. Republican incumbents Kelly La Flor and David Perdue are being challenged by Democrats John Aasif and Raphael Warnock. If Democrats win both seats, there will be a 50 50 split in the Senate, where Vice President Kamila Harris could be the tie breaking vote. Disturbing discovery and some who have become infected with covert 19. Dr. Steven Seagal of the USC School of Medicine says researchers have found instances of severe psychosis and covert patient will believe that the police are after them with their families trying to hurt them. Dr. Siegel does stress that the instances have been rare. Rail travel will be safer in 2021 railroads have installed an automatic braking system known as positive train control to some 58,000 miles of train track. This is ABC News. Microbe and 24 protects against staphylococcus areas and in terror back torero jeans bacteria but does not provide 24 hour protection against viruses. Every time you touch a surface, you leave behind bacteria to keep surfaces sanitized all day. Use microbe and 24 sanitizing spray spray on hard surfaces to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, initially, including the virus that causes coded 19 once try microbe and 24 sanitizing spray is effective for 24 hours on bacteria when used as directed. Michelle Franzen, ABC News WBS M News. Headlines of Fatal Pedestrian Accident on New Year's Eve in Dartmouth has claimed the life of a new Bedford woman, Police say 56 year old Wendy Tali was struck just before 10 P.m. in the vicinity of 5 97 State road and died from her injuries. The driver of the car was a 24 year old dark with woman. Police say no arrests have been made. The investigation is continuing Governor Charlie Baker assigned to police Accountability bill that creates a civilian led commission with the power to sort By officers investigate claims of misconduct and revoked the certification of officers for certain violations. The law signed Thursday also bans the use of choke holes and limits the use of so called no knock warrants. Celtics or in Detroit, to take on the Pistons, Sony, then turning cloudy later today with the rain Developing tonight Low 34 tomorrow rain in the morning high 52. I'm Jim Phillips WBS. Um, news. Better strap yourself in. It's time for the Howie Carr Show that's a military with soldiers. The top people in the Pentagon probably are because they want to do nothing but fight war so that all of those wonderful companies and make the bombs and make the Plains and make everything else they have. He's willing to condemn his generals and admirals, his killers of kids for war profits. This is not something that has ever entered the consciousness of most people who Run for elected office. Hello again, Peabody here get into the way back machine, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought. By the military industrial complex love from the Matthews Brothers Studios. If you watch the ads, I'm sure you've seen them. They would say that you want to defund the police. Do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding? Yes. Absolutely. Can you can you set the record straight on that I not only don't want to defund the place on the one calling for 300 $billion million more for local police, the only person calling to defund the police. Is Donald Trump. Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard? Awesome. It's certainly who's your captain Howie Carr. Proud of lucky to have senator is soon to be vice president here is with us today, and I will pass it back over to us. And now you wanna take some questions for you out here? We're all set. Thank you. Thank you for staying with me. It was my understanding that there would be no questions asked. I'm shamed Adam stoppable. Donald Trump caused the covert outbreak in New York. Donald Trump caused the covert outbreak in New York from swabs, hacks and Moon bats. Beware. It's Howie Carr. Gove.

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