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And larimer county searchers when into the area and the first day of the search they found a food cash and a food cave that he had made west of underpass no fresh tracks and they thought well we're we're gonna find him now and what they looked for was human waste in the area they couldn't find any and based on the amount of food that he had left behind and what he had eaten they figured he was only there for a day maximum maybe two and he'd only taken his day pack and left a major pack behind well one unusual part of this research is that as you read these stories in search and rescue logs and law enforcement reports seems an extraordinary number of times the aircraft associated with the search have some kind of engine problems and this instance the helicopter they were using had engine problems and had to be grounded so they couldn't search from the air well four days of searching all they found was that cave and the next summer they brought in a huge number of people in search the same area went downstream upstream ski boots polls skis bindings everything that you would expect from a nineteen eighty's product would still be around forty years later and they've never found anything and the national park report and i got this report from the national park service at rocky mountain stated something very interesting and what it said was is that on the last day of the search team of searchers heard nineteen forty two german sonar type sounds near lulu mountain that's all the reports said in that was pretty weird little detail what does that mean nineteen forty two german sonar found how did you get that report out of the park service you had the guy's name so they had to give it to you or that was that was a roundabout way so when we were making the movie missing four one one we had a meeting with the larimer county undersheriff and we interviewed him about a disappearance of a boy named jared outta darrow one of the last things i always ask law enforcement website with him as i said hey are we missing a case in your jurisdiction that's really odd this guy looked at me and goes oh you know the case of rudy motor i've never heard of it and he said oh he disappeared in rocky mountain national park and.

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