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The eric metaxas. Show with your host. Eric metaxas in folks. Welcome all my gosh. It is hay fever season. I don't know alban. Chris you guys okay. I just feel like feigen yup yup. I was hunting. Easter eggs. And i didn't start sneezing so i think i'm okay already. Yeah wow well listen couple things. Today i'm talking to mike lindell in a few minutes. I'm talking to mike lindell. It's fascinating how political the times in which we live there. People who hate my glendale who hated trump who hate trump. things are so political yesterday on twitter. Posted don't get the vaccine. Pass it on now. I'm trying to be provocative because they're tons of people that i have talked to. Who are sending me all these videos. I'll post some of these things on on twitter about why it's not a good idea to get the vaccine but the fury that you get on places like twitter. It's just so it's so political and so bizarre. I'm not getting the vaccine and a lot of people that that won't wouldn't get it. And i'm just we'll have to talk to people about. Maybe naomi wolf kentucky can tell us more about that like genie way before we get to our divisive friend. Mike lindell we should remind everybody. We've got three things three important things. First of all there is a film called church..

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