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This country there are certainly places where it is really dangerous to be a journalist where you are actually risking your life you know when you go and report on his store afghanistan russia i'm thinking about the united states charitable journalists murden afghanistan the united states on on the other hand generally speaking even under the era of trump when he is re tweeting memes about body slamming cnn at the entire network as a as a wrestler or something continues to not be particularly dangerous to do it here and i this i have a strong distaste for most awards tune that are given to journalists and ives too i think i think in general that the the stuff that like the poynter institute does on a regular basis their annual list of media corrections it's like far better and the the celebrate tori selfimportant selfcongratulatory selfserving overestimation of what it is that journalists do in this country and the role that they play in the country in terms of being the personification of truth is oftentimes it it runs counter to what might actually be useful in terms of creating a perception of what on earth it is that journalists do the fact that the public who read and consume this stuff it's not just that they should be read more watch more which is this massive campaign that was operated today what's don't just watch cnn read the washington times and the and the and the washington post and the wall street journal yada yada not the washington yeah not not that mooney but but it's not so much read more and listen more i think that there is room for scrutiny and i think highlighting the places where the press has been wrong or mistaken where they've engaged in a lot of rank speculation where they've beat the drum on this russia trump collusion narrative so far as i'm concerned it in ways that don't make a great deal of sense or at least don't seem to eventually conform to the facts on ways that they've made errors in a particular direction consistently on places where they've they've echoed one another stories with these breaking news things that turn out to either not be breaking news or just turn out to be not true because we got the wrong dates there is an incurease nece about the the.

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