Hussein, President Trump, Baker Administration discussed on Morning Meeting


One for the most part though obviously our house speaker robert deleo very much opposed to raising any sort of tax and that's the for for people who don't have a lot of time every week to devote to following up which should be anyone hussein but they're there to chambers in one governor right the senate president in our system the senate president and the speaker of the house are very powerful in each of those chambers they decide what gets heard they decide who gets promotions with raises attached to them in the form of committee chairs they decide which local projects get funded which is the bread and butter for anybody who's trying to get elected they control their members and then the governor so they meet this triumph for it and in the baker administration the the triumph for it has been baker and dalil leaning towards baker and deleo the senate the senate has for a long time been a more progressive chamber and really sensed stan rosenberg took over and even now until the spilka regime is a much more progressive chamber and they they much more aligned with with sort of progressive policies like i said earlier they send it without have a problem passing this fair share amendment as it is as they need to but they it's a it's a triumph for it of power and and as long as it leans towards baker baker in the governor seat and deleo and their their ideology their thinking about taxes and government is very very similar like they get along well because they they agree on a lot of stuff maker and they see things the same way than the senate is sort of shut out of that policymaking positions so they can pass whatever they want and still has to come to a conference after that and then the governor still has to decide it and if if you can sit in that meeting a three people with the sp the speaker and the governor and the governor and the speaker says to the s p here's exactly what you can get away with and i'll sign it and my chamber approve it and here's what we won't let you get away with the senate is pretty much limited in what they can do so the long way of saying the the.

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