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It's not that I that I doubt doubted his, you know, his technical ability. I just never saw him never seem to see him in the right position. And he also wasn't is lately a regular first club in. He wasn't always. And there was, you know, there was times in his career where I just wasn't sure if he was going to be what we expected to be. But in this window, he's been absolutely excellent. And he's a starter for me now. So his stock has risen from his taking me from being a doubting Thomas to a start him Simon. That is what they call it. He was my, he was my honorable mention for this, mainly for what you just said that when this all started, I didn't know that I saw a place for him in the 11. Certainly on the team, but I was like, okay, maybe he's someone who, like, in the 70th, you bring on that speed and it really puts a defense on its heels. Now I look at it and think he's going to make the decision process for who starts and who doesn't. If they're all healthy, he's going to make it hard. I don't know if he's playing the ways. You can't take him out. But someone of significance is going to have to miss out. The fact that he's turned this into a really difficult decision, that's a credit to him. For me, I went miles Robinson, just because coming out of the gold cup, my feeling was, okay, he's done enough. We've seen enough now. He deserves to be on that national team. What I did not expect was that we'd be past the halfway point of qualifying. And for me, he would probably be the best offender on the national team. I didn't see that coming. And look, I don't know that we can have a conversation about how much he was missed tonight Weston McKinney as well. I think that was important. Both those guys coming in relatively good form. McKinney, of course, scoring against Mexico. It's unfortunate that they couldn't play tonight. But yeah, so those are the ones I said miles and way. What about the opposite of that? Any player whose stock has dropped for you? John Brooks. Yeah. I think when you're going away from home and you think that the defense centrally is better and less panicky and less concerning by the fact that your Bundesliga Champions League center back isn't there. That is, that is not a good sign. I think at the other end of the field, Daryl DK, you know, that center forward position Jordan CB two, you could sorry excuse me P fock. You could put him in that same sergeant. Bracket sergeant two, and I actually think in midfield, considering where he was in the summer and how we were much more high upon him, Kellen Acosta's stock is dropped. Brooks was mine. I mean, just the fact that you go into a window where you're playing Mexico. This is like we said this is the marquee game and qualifying. And he's healthy, and he's not brought. I mean. That's not out of the picture. He'll be back. I think they just want to give him a chance to stay, I guess, with his stay fresh with his club side, and I don't know. We'll see him again. But the guy that's not the center back from Nashville..

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