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We didn't need like a character that we were following. Wrong because rebel kind of disappears at some point in the movie you just disappeared right so then like that wasn't explained where he went. No yeah only in the flash players only in the hunchback so then that's a part of it too. Why did he just disappear. If you eat job was done. If you needed to help these kids why did you just fucking hoof. Because all the kids were done. Oh my god. I know we're done. And he was the ten so we left so he just like i'm out. Yeah because if when you can people if you reveal the calm they're all gonna be they're all going to be like. Oh i'm so fucked up. Oh my god i don't. I don't know what's going on this movie guys if you if you don't know what we're talking about if you've made it this far go listen because it is a wild ride. I don't know what happened. The ending weird convoluted. I think what might have happened is maybe he was being too like intellectual. Maybe someone was like. Hey you need to edit a change at around. Maybe he didn't have enough budget to make a true ending. No no you did exactly what he meant to do. I think what is as what's happening. He just like lays blessed. It was a weird ending and made no sense. I- rewatch at the end. I think i think she could have been a hypnotist. Like i will. I will concede on that fact. Like maybe it's not a god thing. I just don't i don't know she talked to the lady. She talked to the dying lady. Who was like depressive and suicidal. And then she was fixed. That's extra. She did hypnotize her. Yes she was a student. She didn't sign to help simon or something. I feel like something is there and i was. I thought she found out what the mother did and he wanted to help. I thought he was not the take. I don't think he was hypnotized. You in on it yet. Don't think he was in on it. I don't think you did it voluntarily. Because there was a line like woke up or i had a weird dream or something like that like there is a line like that in the movie. Oh yeah you're right. Yeah so. I i don't know who so terribly So moms god that she did short. Mommy's berkow guys. I also think if you're gonna if you're gonna see the god theory. I don't think the sun could be included in that even if any even go and the mother is the hypnotist and she orchestrated everything. Yeah yeah. But i don't think she was a follower of simon because she's more powerful she 'cause she did all this she like. Why would she if. Simon conjure do themselves. Why would she need to be involved at all. Yeah his is so weird. I don't know right needed him for. Maybe she wanted him that he had no idea what was going on. You know way. hold on. What if she used her son right she. She figured out some basic level of hypnosis user son to get into the program and then found out his secrets and was able to then use the techniques. Yourself what will use them. Yeah bless gashi. She originally sent her son in right like she was like okay. You're going to go and be a spy for me. But but everything already started now. He goes in right and he goes in no pence that he's like a bad kid and word. That was a flashback. The secrets somebody it was with. No wasn't a flashback. That's why that's why. I'm saying that's why he doesn't remember what happened. He like. I feel like i had a dream. It wasn't a flashback. It was after. I see the gods turning your ears greider. But it was after her death. His dad is alive right. Yeah he lies so rebel has no. Here's the thing. Rebel has no problems. Yes rebel has agreed to. what's so. why does the mom care i. That's why i'm trying to figure out like she's only got whatever whatever. Okay both our theories make no sense at all. No closer zo. I in the program for a reason. And i don't know why that's. It's very confusing to me. And i got my as a deus ex marcus. So it makes if i'm correct which makes no sense but if i'm correct and make sense you know what i mean. Okay yeah okay nick. We're at the end of the so. Yeah we are. Did you think of the movie. All right what is i forgot. The question so riled up you like everything. Did you like the movie. No man hated it. Really hate like it or just hated it. I didn't hey. I will never ever. That's very that's fair okay. I i had fun watching it. And i laughed like i just genuinely laughed like a few times during the failed. Where four types. yeah. I left a couple of times. It was like it was fun. It's a good hate watch. I don't know if i would ever watch it again because it is pretty long for a. Hey watch movie. But i would. I would say that. Like i had a good time. Would you recommend the spill. I would recommend this movie to people who like to watch movies if you like the room if you like movies like that and you have a good time with your friends i think this is what about you. I don't know it's really long. Oh problematic. I don't think i would win at all. I don't think i will have a record by this film to anybody. I will recommend people to watch the room and dissatisfied Way before i ever suggested this ville. Okay that's fair okay. Now which paul. I might watch. It might watch another out. He has the credit. I would check it out. I would see what of movies. He's tube-like pretentious. But it is kind of like the trend of these kinds of movies right like watch. Movies are the ones that take them seriously. And are terrible. like neil bream and tommy. Why so like newest film that came out two years ago was none deadly confession. My watch that it's it's there. He's like deadly catchy title. I'm to put deadly in everything. I'm the deadly ran. Okay would you watch another of his movies. Now you see. How will i watch undoubtedly confession. No i will not bad bad choices. That's wrong if i got it on the podcast i will wait. I will not do this. Myself widow okay. Guys thank you for listening. I have to give his challenge. Nick challenged next week is to watch the brand new show invincible on amazon prime. Oh this just came out right. It's a brand new animated cartoon. Even though it is animated. I will say this. It is four adults so go watch it. It is pretty violent. So graphic content warning to watch i three episodes. I'm really excited. That is technically all that is out right now. Maybe the fourth episodes coming out tomorrow so check it out is highly recommended guys. We had sounded go watch. It is based on one of my favorite comic books. I'm excited guys. Follow us at now. Try this cast to let us know your thoughts as you're washing it. Leave a review on apple podcasts. Five stars and joined the patriots. It's a new month. That means we need new suggestions of what to do next month. Patriot dot com slash. Now try this cast. If you joined the five dollar here you can make suggestions but even if you just joined the one dollars here just show a little bit of love. You can vote in the middle of the month to decide what we do to make sure we never do another deadly. That's very true guys. You can protect us from having to do episodes like this by joining and voting and submitting guys. Thank you so much. If you joined us here we had a good amount of people. Joined joining us tonight. Thank you if you are listening on spotify itunes or wherever you get your podcast thank you also and thank you for watching. Now go out there and try those not clean. That's not clean. I'm going to do it again. Okay five four three two one s. Thank you for listening. Now go out there and try some things you it thank you thank you thank you. Thank you.

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