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It's what we do. We love the saints. And don't try to sit here and make me johnny lead. The as you were with conor mcgregor. Because how you. I was nearly when he went there for me. When i was there for mendez. I was like okay okay. Did this guy got something. And we saw some earlier fights when he jumped on top of when he jumped on top of the ring and he was talking. I was like okay. This do got a little something now. I was fighting for the belt ryan. That's not early. He was already five pretty. Well i've talked to. I like i say it's back when they ward trash bags when they weren't brown bags. I like the saints. I still stuck with them. You're talking like years you're talking on just came late. I'm not from ireland. I liked him when he the documentary. Come out to later. I couldn't like them before i saw him in. Ufc you you know whenever wear trash bags on their heads and see you. Were not walking around. I was young. I was a young guy. Didn't understand but listen as the saints got better the stakes rose stakes rose. Same thing same with the same mistakes as they roll the stakes grow in. Connor stepped up to before but now added level right. You got the biggest fight of the year. You got the trilogy. You keep changing the narrative. That's how you get people interested in stuff right when you do something over and over you got gotta change the narrative so now here comes the boss here comes dana white winner gets a title shot. Right i mean when it gets the title shot. Champ is charles oliveira right. Knocked out michael hand down in jacksonville do crazy. Beautiful left. dustin one connors five winner gets the title fight. What does this detail add going into. The fight doesn't add pressure. Anybody conor mcgregor be the guy that wore the built before industrial. forty eight. a former interim champion. I think. I think when you look at it does to pori and conor mcgregor. They both believed that. They're the best lightweight in the world. Right like charles l. Avera has the bill. But i believe you take this fight. And i think that each side of this you say we are fighting to show people who the best man in the world is at one. Fifty five dustin dust and has been the anthem jamf. He's been entered trump. He lost a hobby. Right beat conor so he's an one guy in going into the fight before all of our became champ. Dustin wasn't a guy in the in the world. Dust chose mcgregor fight. Dustin said the other day the title fight pays him a fourth of what he makes absolutely for the mcgregor. And you know you know as a fighter. I it is about championships right. It is about titles. But it's also about feeding your family. Yes in you from london everything. Yeah you from lafayette. i'm from. I'm from new orleans like we understand how hard you have to work to get these opportunities. Yes and so you get this opportunity and you know the opportunity for the belt is still there if you win. So if you're supremely confident yep like you say you'll get the money. Why wouldn't you the money. And then you'll get the title. What what does this do to the loser though. Dc in the addison. That's conner at five because see. That's the thing it's different for for both guys because if dust emporia loses how much does it change. Be dan hooker. Be conor mcgregor lost a fight. He's on the run right since he lost a habib sets them back a little bit for connor. It's different right because now he will have lost a hobby. You'll have lost a dustin twice. now he's gotta go back to revisit some of the other fight. Look he's in a great position either way because you can just go fighting the ideas right. He can go find nathan as third fight. Mass defy nothing changes in that regard. But when you're guy like conor mcgregor who for all that. He has still values a championship. He understands that. Even as conor mcgregor today conor mcgregor would. The belt is even bigger. He's much more valuable to the world even though even though right now he's a massive star is different. Is he more. is he more valuable. Is he more valuable to the. Ufc as the champion right. Because we talked about how important it is to have built how important it is to have built on the line during pay per views if everybody in a division. And he's chasing conor mcgregor does that is that an added value for him and for dana in a ufc. You know. i think this weekend's pay per view speaks to that. Because i don't know who we're talking to yesterday we're talking about. When was the last time you saw a ufc pay-per-view without a bill right that would have been mcgregor versus poor. You those guys. But before that it was mas vidal and they they made they made about the bill because generally wanting title and the top of the card. When you're on pay per view those rules don't apply to conor mcgregor. Okay but if conor mcgregor has built now you can just multiply at all because now you get the visual him running around with the title right him. Holding the built the private jets the fast cars the money but the stick at twelve pounds. A goal right next to him. And it just elevates it and it elevates anybody has a guy ryan that had a built getting that title it changes everything for everyone in for as good as conor mcgregor is for all that he did if he never was the champion he never was the jam champ. We're not here. we're not here today. We're not here. And i think that's i think conor understands that right the bravado. Some of who some of who you can be combs with having that built some of you can't be came with being a super bowl champ like those things are part of not only your legacy there part of your bio right when when they introduce you it. Now that you're retired is different but while you were fighting former lightweight champion heavyweight champ. It's different than when they say heavyweight champion daniel corny at light heavyweight champion. Daniel me and i think for connor to be able to walk around in minks walk around in the fly suits and have that built on his shoulder. It's a different visual for him. But it's a different visual for me. Right when i see it. It's like he's not only saying he's the best he's telling us by the hardware he gets to carry around. And that was that. That same thing. And i said i thought he was the. Mvp of all sports. It's the same thing with tom. Brady writes the same thing when we talk about michael jordan. Those were guys who not only did the work but they were synonymous with winning. He has to back in the same conversation with winning. That's crazy because wins and losses don't seem to apply to him in nathan as as much as it does everyone else but ultimately you gotta win now. Another added element right. I talk about changing the narrative. Changing making the fight look different. The fans are back in abu dhabi. Yeah we had three fight cards the first weekend. Max holloway fought on abc. They had about twenty five hundred fans in their mid week. That another fight had about a thousand. By the next saturday mcgregor poor you was full every seat available to four thousand. They had was sat in this week. And we get back to t mobile arena. Eighteen thousand twenty thousand strong tickets prices through the roof longest celebrity list of all time..

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