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And that's the way clay held in my fails it, but do you have faith that he is going to be able to go and hire the right bodies and put them in the right places. When he's demonstrated that he's not capable of doing that in the first three years. I mean, I understand you got to go out and get the right person. But it's very much like the situation with Jerry Jones in Dallas. If the book of stopping here, do you have confidence where the buck stops is going to actually be the best decision. And I would argue that if we've been complaining about the assistance every year since we've been on this show. In the first place. Then right. He's going to hire him the next time the same guy the same guy that hired. These guys is going to be responsible. Ultimately, I would imagine for hiring the next crop guys. It key. I agree with you that your system in football in particular. But in anything, if you're the CEO of a company, it's your vice presidents that you have to have right to make sure that it works. If you no matter what it is. You're doing if you're a sales manager your sales reps need to be right or else. You're numbers aren't going to be all of these things. But at the end of the day, the guys you hire. And the the the company that you build the coaching structure that you build it's a reflection of you that your your going to go and hire the guys that you he's not going to go higher the guys that Nick Sabin hires because Nick Sabin knows what he needs the reason he has all these guys that go onto the next spot is because he knows exactly the world. Yes. Cry smart guys. They coached us at the university. He's going anywhere. The next group of guys. So why is it going to be? I mean, it might be different temporarily maybe buzz and energy, but maybe maybe to be different because people alumni kisha what flowed out of names to help in the process. Well, they got to be able to accept you. Can't you can't be so era Ghent that that guys like myself or Curtis Conway or any of the Matt line even for for for our program to disown Reggie Bush based on what the NC two A findings was which was a bunch of nothing to not allow Reggie Bush to be a part of the USC football family in a program is ridiculous to me. It doesn't make any sense at all. I don't care what anybody says you got to be able to accept that. You can't win person gives you a recommendation or person gives you a name to take a look at you can't be jibbidy Jabber. He can't live. And then you go higher do Kentucky somewhere to has no idea about the landscape by with you can't do that. Well, I think that you said it yesterday key. When when the question of if all of a sudden, you snap your fingers in clay Helton was a free agent head coach where would his next stop? He and you said ball steak fine institution. Okay. Fine. Yeah. But ball state is not a premier college football program. That's not premier any. David letterman. I know you weren't. But my point is is that it's ball state. The answer wasn't. I'll tell you Hiram, right Michigan. I'll tell you who to hire him Oklahoma or Clemson or Alabama or Georgia or Florida state or. Restaurant because because he's not there yet. He's not he's not looked at as one of the premier coaches in college football, although he's at one of the top premier programs if this was a national championship year, and he was coming off of that. And you asked me that same question. Did I have said to you? Oh, he can go to Michigan. He didn't go to state. If that's not the case. Nobody's going to take a guy that people basically are seeing as a journeyman head coach in higher him in a top tier power five fits, and I'm gonna do the comparison..

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