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News. Now, I'm Dan Martin twenty nine year old man has been sentenced to five years of probation for handcuffing people while pretending to be a police officer in Flint, the Flint journal reports that Jeffrey Jones was sentenced Monday in Genesee County, Circuit Court Jones pleaded guilty to impersonating a police officer. He and four others had been responding since twenty fifteen to nine one one calls. They had fake badges handcuffs and weapons and drove vehicles equipped with emergency lights. Authorities say an ambulance driver was injured in a collision involving a semi truck in south western Michigan. The crash took place early today and van Buren counties paw paw township and prompted authorities to close a stretch of Michigan highway fifty one as crews responded the sheriff's office. There says the truck rolled over after hitting an ambulance. The driver of the ambulance had what we're described as non. Non-life-threatening injuries. The ambulance was not carrying a patient. A former university of Michigan doctor accused of possessing child pornography and inappropriate conduct with young patients is awaiting a prison sentence. After reaching a plea agreement. The Ann Arbor news reports forty six year old Marc Hoelzel of an Arbor pleaded guilty last week in federal court to one felony count of enticement of a minor sentencing is December thirteenth a pre sentencing report calls for him to serve fourteen to seventeen years in prison..

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