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Stolen. But his cable W. City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe, reports, officials are trying to reassure voters that it won't affect the presidential election. The city commissioners issued a statement saying the stolen laptop did not have any election material on it and is not able to program files for voting machines. They added, has security features to prevent unauthorized access, and the user account has been disabled. They did not disclose what is on the USB drive, saying they were unable to provide further detail since it's an ongoing police investigation, Mayor Kenny says he committed the police resources necessary to find the perpetrators and enhance security at the warehouse. Both he and the commissioner's insists this hasn't compromised the November 3rd election. A burglary appears to have been carried out about the time that President Donald Trump during a debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden was casting doubt on the city's election, saying bad things happen in Philadelphia. Commissioners denounced the criticism, and some voters at the city's satellite election offices said it motivated them to vote early. Pat Lobe y W. NewsRadio Republican leadership in the Pennsylvania State House says an oversight committee is necessary for the upcoming election. Because they claim the state Supreme Court's recent decision has injected chaos into the process. But K y W Suburban bureau chief Jim Mel, were reports as they push through the legislation Infusion and Raul emotions are on full display in Harrisburg Republican State. Rep. Garth Ever tear of the State Government Committee and the resolutions prime sponsor says it would create a committee of three Republicans and two Democrats elected by the speaker of the House who would investigate and review the election ever. It says it would only review the election after it ended. But Philadelphia A crap. Malcolm Kenyatta says the resolution doesn't make that clear. We heard the president last night. Say bad things happen in Philadelphia. The reality is bad things are happening in this committee. This is a bad bill that should never have been brought up debate between the two escalated. You should be ashamed of commotion. You can make whatever points you want. You're not going to shut me up to the point ever threatened to call security this this your caucus? Is acting more like a cult and is acting like a caucus. And I'm making personal I am ending my statements there. Kenyatta's motion to table the bill failed endeavor. It refused to amend the resolution to include post certification to clarify the timing. He repeatedly insisted the committee would only be for oversight investigation. The resolution passed committee 15 to 10 now heads to the full House. Jim Millward KOW NewsRadio in an exclusive report, CBS News, says the commission on Presidential debates Is considering new rules for future debates that could include muting microphones. To limit interruptions, CBS News has learned. The commission on Presidential Debates plans to issue strict new rules in the coming days that include cutting off a candidate's microphone. If they violate the rules, the commission is going to spend the next 48 hours determining new guidelines and rules for the next debate. And it will take place in Miami on Thursday, October 15th. Course, The first presidential debate was indeed controversial, and the reviews keep coming in Cabo W. Special contributor. Larry Cane has this commentary. What more can you say about the debate? We all know it was pretty bad. Joe Biden never lost control except for calling Donald Trump a clown. Very unlike Biden Trump was over the top. We're trying to have supporters might like a lot. Biden supporters were like the fact that he emphasized issues were tried, too. But there's something missed by most analyst Moderator asked Donald Trump about comments he made his war against male voted if he loses, was he asking his people to take to the streets? He avoided answering the question, as he did on the question of rejecting white supremacy. As Faras. The chaos don't blame the moderator. There's no moderator in the country who could control that to change that situation of interruptions to commission on debates promised late today to change the format. Of the next two presidential encounters Larry Cane K Y. W NewsRadio, American Airlines and United Airlines say they will for low tens of thousands of employees on Thursday morning. After lawmakers and the White House failed to agree on a broad pandemic relief package that includes more federal aid for airlines. CBS's Chris van Cleve Reports Cove It has devastated the airline business More than 30,000 American United Airlines employees will find themselves out of work Thursday. An industrywide CBS News found about 45,000 could be at risk of furlough or lay off. The airlines are hoping to get an extension of the federal payroll support program. In a matter of days. The payroll support program helped fund airline payrolls in exchange for carriers, maintaining service and agreeing not to make any involuntary job cuts. Both American and United say if a deal is reached to extend the program in the next few days, they will be able to reverse the furloughs. The airlines are lobbying for another $25 billion in taxpayer money to pay workers for six more months through next March. The nation's top drug makers were on Capitol Hill getting grilled over the soaring costs of medication. CBS News is Nancy Chen has more on this key issue. Our American Healthcare Democrat Carolyn Maloney Challenge the.

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