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Face a reckoning over treatment of women and i've read the article so let me give you kind of the reader's digest version of there is a history in the southern baptist church of saying that women have to submit to their husbands authority how many women you think a willing to do that these days they say that women basically who have been abused by their husbands and adapt to stay with them prey on right it's it's it's a it the metoo movement at to me at its heart and soul is respect it's very much black lives matter it's respect it's about you must recognize an acknowledge me as a fellow equal human being and i do believe at the heart of the metoo movement is that i'm not a sex object for your pleasure i must separate human being and you got to contend with me as that and if you can't deal with it that's problem you're gonna have to work on your mind so who is a christian this is my favorite topic and i'm not kidding around i hate call rove right i mean maybe it's strong work call rove you remember him george w bush's brain but call rove was a master tactician and and i i really love you know as much i don't like the guy i love his tactics and this strategy and frank once i hope you know that name l u n t z these are my heroes on the republican side and i'm not joking around this is not this is not a gag i'm not leading to a punchline ear people like frank luntz and call rove understand how to present their party's positions in a way to make them sound appealing to a lot of voters the fact that what the politicians they're working for is selling manure they're managing to sell manure to people and that's really an impressive skill kill you gotta give it up to them for that that doesn't mean we endorse frank luntz in and evil that he does or call rove but for heaven's sakes as a matter of being a mature intelligent adult you can at least stand aside objectively and look and say gee whiz look what these boys are doing here they're taking really awful content and they're managing to present it in a way that makes it appealing to lots of people to basically committee conomic suicide they managed to convince people to.

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