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Radio and the ESPN app that did not take long, even though the cancer. Chiefs have not suspended tyreek hill the NFL has not been able to step in yet. But since audio emerged last night regarding wide receiver tar heel the cancer chiefs. The prosecute in Johnson county Kansas is doing something. According to Casey TBN, Kansas City. The criminal case Colonel case arising from the Angie suffered by the three year old son of hill and his fiancee aid has been reopened. I'm not surprised that they reopened it. But why did it take this for the investigators to reopen this involving tyreek hill? I don't think the question really is why why did they reopen it? Now, why was the audio not given to them to start? That's fair. It's not if they have evidence to move forward. The case understand why they did not pretty here's what we forget a little bit in this situation. Is that this happens all the time? Unfortunately, right. There's domestic violence incidents there where where you don't have a lot of the time to is the person who got who got beat on to talk about if they don't wanna do it. The can't press charges. Right. It's happened a lot in and those cases get dropped in this case because of the high profile nature the DA had to basically give public statements say not normally this just go away. And so I'm not surprised reopened the case because of the audio because now you have to voices talking about possible child abuse, and we have evidence. Now, you don't even talk to each other about it. I mean can be rat on each other. You have evidence of in front of you. And so I'm not surprised that we opened it. What has been for tyreek hill? He's gone. I mean, he he's the chiefs draft replacement today hardman around out of Georgia. And I thought they would do this draft replacement for tyreek hill before this happened. I wrote about this back in January. I think it would be maybe in the second round. But they would look at replacing him at someone because if there has to pay Taibbi of money, I know people say, I'm crazy. But if you look at the structure of the chief to pay mom's pretty soon, Chris Jones, pretty soon, you're paying Kelsey you're paying walk ins Clark. Frank clark. You're playing the left tackle the, right? Tackle the right guard like your pay all these guys a lot of money. The Honey badger you need to go get yourself. Another. Like, you have a lot of places you can try to find yourself another tyreek hill, but. We talked about this last night. When I heard what he said, I've heard the audio. It's the scuffing vile. I have kids say may just heartbreaking to hear someone talk about plus kid in that manner and the chiefs had every right to release him in my opinion or should have released him maybe earlier than hearing the audio. The audio was privately court conversation, obviously. Right. Yeah. They should have released him beforehand. This is now an extra step into into the kind of evidence building if you're if you're the chiefs looking to replace him. And now here we are in the chiefs are going to release them just a matter of when they're going to do it. I don't know what they're waiting for me probably attorneys. Evolve. Trying to figure things out that way. But he's gone out of just what's if it's on, Freddie. Freddie and Fitz Symington ESPN radio in case, you have not heard the audio involving tyreek hill and his fiancee about what kind of discipline tyreek hill handed. So as three-year-old listen for yourself. Say..

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