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Stadia mcgann's like a big story while no yeah the president if the president comes to your stadium it's going to make it a logistical nightmare if the president of the united states does that so um i don't think the we ever look this opted a prized as a sitting president ever gone to a national championship game before because i thought i thought it was unusual that trump decided to to do this because it didn't seem like something i've ever seen a sitting president do someone did an article on at even not the least popular guy in a building a gregg you wanna talk when now sure her i can't i i told you earlier i can't hear through these things there's no pipeline that's bringing sound into my ears shot her other presidents have gone to big games but never the national championship okay the college basketball you've had president sitting presidents go to the national championship game yet bill clinton with arkansas he went there now i can here sean miller what a night for college football when a nine for you greg yeah why are you mad at the show and why are you mad at us because we didn't properly invite you to this down her all of iran ah chris tell me the truth first there was because we didn't invite him soon enough so he felt he was getting a pity invite and then it was we'll who else is going to be there what other what other coasts are going to be there what time do you want me for oil why only from that time like he's just the worst i didn't i didn't realize i said it and that tone of voice he wanted to do the whole show no god no will now he's worried about how late he's going to be here he wanted to have exact allotment of value this is what i told you about greg i told the story on the air the they greg and i don't know how close we are to this halftime show uh kenny g is going to be counter programming against uh against kendrick lamar i told the story on the air of the number of times that you would have conversations with me and you'd be complaining because you were on page nine d and edwin pope was out on the front page and then i would say to you yet.

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