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You're stupid stupid because it's all on ESPN and even if you flip those that scenario can still play out so it's harder to get there at your number two because you have to play Clemson. I understand that point went. They're not protecting LSU because you're an ESPN entity might not my opinion of this is Lsu. Is the number one team because their resume plus I test at the end of the season slightly outweigh the resume. And I test of Ohio State. I think Ohio state there I kind of took a hit in the last three or four weeks of the season. LSU's perked up at the end. The resumes were slightly in favor of Lsu ever so slightly. I'll how state had a very good resume a really really strong resume. LSU's was just a just a hair better not much. Is there all the things that we talk about on the last episode. You know we reacted. As soon as we saw get unveiled we set all of the reasons why we thought you and I agree that we think Lsu just ended up Kinda aged Etchingham out a little bit. And it's not a knock against Ohio state. I got to step in right here for as confident and as much swaggers Ohio state fans have about them being the best this team in the country they sure do seem a little worried to be playing Clemson. They sure do seem a little bothered to be having to play the more difficult team in the in and of course I'd play Oklahoma to if I looked at Clemson. Oklahoma GimMe Oklahoma hundred times out of one hundred but stay fans if you are the best team in the country through which you feel like you are. You'll be clemson annual issue. Relax again Ohio state had the feeling most of the year and big resident Ohio State Guy said on the college football show. He didn't believe that anybody could beat Ohio state but themselves now again I am fully transparent here if I got to pick of these teams much rather would play Oklahoma. It's an easier path to get to New Orleans. I understand that but it has nothing to do with Fox versus ESPN if these games on Fox and ESPN than maybe but it just that's just not the case if you want to sec bias. Fine you can ride that. Let's not pretend that they give a fuck. That Ohio State is on Fox. Let's I mean who cares. Are the bowls are happening. Outside of the fiesta in the peach which are the Cultural Wall playoff on December twenty eighth and they excited that the fiestas at night I I I'm Gonna I'm GonNa tell you right now. I have circled bowl games. I'm excited about outside the College Football playoff. How many six Ooh Ooh? That's how many you got seven and then I have one that's a push. I have six so I'm really excited about the two and I was really being charitable because I didn't WanNa hear from the big ten fans. I circled the Rose Bowl. I really don't care. I don't want to give off the appearance that I am in any way. Disrespecting the Roosevelt's great ball but Oregon Wisconsin Wisconsin's lost three times. Oregon is blown every big opportunity. Had I guess I guess it'll be nice because it'd be pretty sunshiny and a great arena. I Yeah I love the Roseville every year. I've been to the Rose Bowl stadium not for the bowl I went for USC. Ucla it's beautiful. I actually am excited about this game. Just because like Wisconsin was so weird all year and then they lose Illinois they get shellacked by Ohio state and then they look like for the first half. I mean we said this last week to for the first half at least for like thirty seconds the halftime. You're like Oh my God. Are they going upset. Ohio state and on the flip side. What Organ to Utah and all the Justin Herbert's these two teams? You really have no idea how they're going to show Woah. So it's like. Are we going to see the organ that completely destroyed the PAC twelve at the end. Are we gonna see the Wisconsin that could have beaten Ohio state. Plus it's the Rose Bowl it's iconic brandon. So I care about. Did you say that was one of the Roosevelt circle the Citrus Alabama Michigan. I don't think Nick Sabin will be varying in this game Frankly watching watching Jim. Harbaugh coach in football is the most boring thing you could possibly do. Nothing turns me off about the citrus bowl of Alabama and Michigan Mac Jones against shape. Patterson thank you next I have this one is something. I'm excited about his walk because I wanNA see who cares less. It's one of those games. It's like bit neither team is gonNA WANNA be there. None of those guys WanNa play half Alabama's probably going to be sitting out a good portion of Michigan to win the game was missing is GonNa care more. That's the thing is like I'm interested in this game one because I do think anytime you see. Nick Sabin pissed off. You're going to see some sort of of emotion whether it's good or bad. I love this because I want to see. It's kind of like last year with Georgia versus Texas now. That was a different game. I understand that but how little Georgia care to be. They're they're both of these teams. Don't care to be there but Michigan is GonNa WanNa be Alabama and then Alabama's GonNa be like. Yeah but like who cares. We don't want an Orlando on January first the citrus bowl. The the Cotton BOWL HAS MEMPHIS PENN state and I did circle it but not for the reasons anybody else will circle it. Why did you circle it or not? I said No. You're not interested interested in that one. Okay here's why I'm interested in it because I go a different way than everybody else. Don't care about Memphis anytime anytime. A non power or five which they always wind about being included They all those got him. There shot give them a shot. UCF couple of years ago and now Memphis this year anytime they get a shot at a big Tehmina even a ballgame. I just root for the team to beat the shit out of them. I disagree place slap in the face and shut them up. I hope state wins by fifty. I normally agree with that because yeah I mean I hate. UCF very well documented. On that. I don't feel like Memphis is coming out and clamoring the way that we've seen in the past I don't either I don't it doesn't have the juice of other other games right. So that's my thing is like yeah normally. I'm like I would have circled this if ucf was in that spot. Or even like Boise State. Now I don't have the hatred for Boise state but I still feel like that has more juice use like to me. It's like okay. Fine Memphis Prince data could be a good game but for some reason Memphis wins. I don't think that it does this. Huge thing for like. Oh my God. We're going to have to hear about Memphis thinking they should. She played the College Football playoff. No yeah I mean just pop. The ironic thing here is though we're talking about Karen Knock here and when I'm at home on these days I'm watching every one that also it's not like I'm going to watch. I'm going all the way the end here in an order. I don't know well I'm GonNa Arkansas State. Fau and the Chameleon. I'm watching that that he his in order of my rankings from one to all the way imprinted you out one. Am I watching the curebowl between liberty and Georgia southern he so December twentieth the first ball right this born Hamas the twentieth the twentieth. Yeah the Bahamas. Charlotte Versus Buffalo in December twentieth and Frisco Texas Utah State versus Kent State. L. My God Jack. You accidentally put Mississippi State really low on that list. Well let's just keep going. which what number you put them in number eighteen seventeen bowls better than I do? The Louisville Mississippi State Super Mega showdown in Nashville Tennessee. I I could have put it a little Jackson so play Louisville no way in the last time we played ball game we beat the fuck out of him and his last game. We intercepted him four times. And that's why I thought he would never succeed in the pros because he was trashed that day we destroyed him. Crashes no chance this guy is going to be good in the pros envy. Pay The league when I'm trying to look this up. What Year was the Music City Bowl When An and played Louisville you don't allow top of your head? I'm sure all cost for all fans out there know. How do you have a job? Yeah I can't believe it. Why don't you dress call for ball for doesn't fifteen I was there? Yeah but that was. I'm Lamar Jackson was the quarterback. Then am didn't win that game by by the way outback bowl. Minnesota versus Auburn wanted a circle. This game I just won't AUBURN TO GET MINNESOTA. That's why I circled that game to you. You made a checkmark but I think I have check in access for the same thing I just I like Minnesota they're good storyline. PJ Flick it's just one of those like the SEC. Just common men have odd my wrists. You have the wrist of of an old woman. What are you talking about a woman wrist? I don't know what you're talking about. Just they're very. There's no definition initially the very skinny wrist. Very skinny wrist doesn't mean they're old people that may sound like I have like wrinkles and saggy skin discount. You got my grandmother's arrest Casey. I don't understand what that means. They're skinny grandmother wrists. I don't want it to be that big of a deal. Let's not make it that. I have extremely skinny rib ever did. Tell me take my wife today but yes I did. I say you entirely my wife to a nice dinner. Nice hotel taken pound town. I'm telling it always a big list and you didn't take one one of my recommendations which is fine sugarbowl Baylor versus Georgia. Wake me up on that circle that one. I circled that one or are checked it. I'm very interested in that you see win. I'd rather see Georgia win. Obviously that was a dumb question by the. SEC teams in bowls are never an SEC team. Minimal unless I hate the team. They're playing worse well and I. I don't like Baylor on the rats. Yeah on the record now like Baylor but I'm also interested to see because Georgia last year. I didn't think Texas had any business Texas last year completely different football team and they were this year. I didn't think they had any chance of beating Georgia last year and Georgia was so mad that they were not in the College Football playoff. Now they don't have as much of a leg to stand on even though they still are that number five spot. I'm so interested because everyone's talking about maybe Baylor should be the number fourteen country if they would have just had one follow their way they have been in Oklahoma spot. And I hope Georgia comes in then and show lacks their asses I hope it happens and not even just because it's SEC. Versus big twelve. It's Georgia is so much better of a football team so so much better. Talent wise. Coaching obviously is up in the air. I just hope it's not even close to more than just I circled Utah. Texas in the Alamo Bowl. I just think it's going to be funny. NEED TO SEE UTAH lose to Texas because Utah just blew their opportunity. They've had to rank teams. They lost both of Utah was just we talked about other teams and I called other teams frauds. This year like Auburn and like Baylor Utah has gotten off the hook for being a total sham. Why have gotten off the hook so much? Why have they gotten off the? Why are we not calling them out as being just phonies? Nobody will watch their games. Nobody wants her games. We all watched your game. When they get their ask? That is true. Nobody cares times. People watched Utah were when they were at USC on Friday night and got beat and when they were playing for the conference championship on a Friday night and got beat..

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