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More friendly fire stuff here talking about the big Major League Soccer draft was yesterday. And you and I not understanding the whoever who did they get. Well, they got some players. We're getting Pat Brennan on the inquirer. He is the man on the scene with this stuff has all the info. But. I don't think we're going to get into the details of every single player. But I think a lot of people out there, including us wanna know, I we're the players come from. Or do they come from Europe? Can they come from America? What's the salary cap? How much these players getting paid? How long is it gonna take for an expansion franchise? Like like FC Cincinnati to be good as you're going to be ten years going to take a few. So you just kind of some thirty thousand foot questions we have here for Pat. He's going to join us. After the news. That's kind of what I was thinking again on a new team comes in you. And I'm you understand obviously way more than I do. But I can understand the college football of the NFL draft every year you can read up on who the players are. You know, what they're gonna blah, blah, blah, and all that stuff. But this stuff, I don't understand who's got, you know, one name big college teams, you know, some names from college teams coming into the course of honest to God couldn't name you a soccer player, which is what makes it tough. I think a lot of the players my buddies over in Britain told me a lot of them are just you know, to be you're kinda recognized by like age fourteen. If you're going to be like a guy, you kind of go off and that sort of realm with your club team in this. And I assume this is you know, where they're getting some of these players in the draft. But yeah, we'll get a chance to talk to Pat here, and we got some basics going.

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