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Sometimes directions can create leaders. Not just follow us. If you want to know the right way. Ask someone who's already been on that journey. The e. y. And microsoft tech directions. Podcast combines our knowledge to find the direct route to the summit on ideas for leadership around digital and tech in each episode. We explore the subjects. That matter to help you find your way to a better working world. The e. y. Into microsoft tech directions. Podcast is out now download today for more. You get your podcasts. And you're on your way to the top jen cutter and welcome to daily tech headlines. We can review on monday apple. Release security updates for every mac apple. Watch iphone and ipad apple credits. Researchers from the university of toronto citizen lab for finding zero click vulnerability. And i message that was allegedly used by nso group to place pegasus spyware on an activist phone. Xiaomi plans to launch their own smart glasses to challenge facebook's rayban stories powered by a quad core arm processor and running android. The device will take photos with a five megapixel camera and also display notifications messages provide navigation translate texts in real time and even make calls with the wearables built in mike and speakers. All this is expected to weigh fifty one grams slightly heavier than facebook's mark losses and no price or release date has been announced epoch. Games announced. It will appeal. Us district judge yvonne gonzalez rogers final judgment in the epic versus apple lawsuit which largely ruled with apple in the case. The appellate court is expected to rule on the judge's definition of the market issue which she defined differently from both companies and possibly clarify the language of the injunction requiring apple to allow links to alternative payment options apple said it still evaluating whether to launch. Its own appeal of the injunction. Microsoft confirmed the consumer version of office. Twenty twenty one will be released on october. Fifth the same day as windows eleven. This is the pay one single license version of office rather than an office. Three sixty five subscription. The company also announced that office long term servicing channel designed for commercial customers who cannot update software frequently is now generally available on windows and mac. Os nintendo added bluetooth audio support to the switch in a new software update now supporting using bluetooth headphones to listen to console audio. The switch can only use two wireless controllers when using bluetooth. Audio and bluetooth microphones remain unsupported with the release version. Fourteen of the unocal standard. We get thirty. Seven new emoji among the additions are biting lip troll saluting face pregnant person heart hands and support for mick skin tone for handshake apple announced the iphone. Thirteen thirteen many and thirteen pro. All with the new eighth fifteen bionic. Soc start with a base one hundred twenty eight gigabytes of storage get better battery life than last gen and support. Dual sim and e set. The pro adds a one hundred and twenty hertz promotion display and refreshes all three cameras with brighter lenses and a telephoto. The thirteen and thirteen mini get a brighter screen and refreshed cameras with optical image stabilization on the main camera. All models get cinematic mode for video which can change focus after recording the mini starts at six hundred ninety nine dollars the thirteen at seven hundred ninety nine dollars pro at nine hundred ninety nine dollars and pro max at one thousand ninety nine dollars. Preorder are open now and shipping begins on september twenty fourth. The apple watch series. Seven starts at three hundred. Ninety nine dollars offers a larger display within embezzles and faster charging able to get eight hours of life out of an eight minute charge. It's also more durable with ip six x water indus- rating and a fifty percent thicker curved crystal face. There's no firm release date for the apple watch series seven other than this fall and apple updated. The ipad mini with the larger eight point. Three inch screen the new eighth fifteen bionic. Soc a usb port touch. Id support twelve megapixel camera on the front and back and support for the magnetically attached. Second gen apple pencil. Priorities are open starting at four hundred ninety nine dollars with five g. models one hundred fifty dollars more and shipping begins on september twenty four the entry level ipad was also updated with the eighth thirteen bionic soc sixty four gigabytes vase storage and a twelve megapixel rear camera. It still costs three hundred twenty nine dollars and is also available for order now. Adobe plans to launch payment services for dobie commerce by the end of twenty twenty one letting customers natively receive payments on storefronts without a third party payment provider. Merchants will be able to accept credit and debit cards pay pal and then mo with support for pay pals pay later tools protocol sources say. Google plans to add free. Tv channels to google tv currently in talks with several free ad supported streaming television channels on a chrome kassy's would reportedly appear in a dedicated. Live tv menu and presented alongside over the air programming on smart tv's. Google could have deals in place to begin streaming this fall but may way to launch the feature with smart tv partners in twenty twenty to the us. Federal trade commission voted three. To two that health apps are subject to a rule requiring reporting of data breaches this folk clarifies that the two thousand nine health breach notification rule applies to these apps which requires vendors handling health records to notify consumers of unauthorized access and english inventor. Sir clive saint. Clair passed away. At the age of eighty-one sinclair was the inventor of zedek series of computers which in nineteen eighty was the uk's first mass-market home computer for less than a hundred pounds. He was also an inventor of electric vehicles releasing the sinclair c five electric vehicle in one thousand nine hundred five and the sinclair psych electric bike in one thousand nine hundred ninety two for more discussion on the tech news of the day subscribed the daily tech news show at daily tech news. Show dot com. Where you can also find the show notes and links to every heaven. Please remember to rate and review daily tech headlines on your podcast service of choice from everyone here daily tech headlines. Thanks for listening. Sometimes directions can create leaders. Not just follow us. The e y microsoft tech directions podcast offers a direct route to the summit on ideas for leadership around digital and tech in the next episode microsoft's global head of ai solutions stellar solar. Andy wise data and ai leader for the americas hugh. Bergen look at ai for c. suite e. y. Microsoft tech directions. Podcast is out now. Listen wherever you get your podcasts..

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