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Now, he's so used the pleads come into net they can come in air, try boxing, and then you don't pay boxes not for everybody. So that's just kind of his approach. Any basically just you know, he made a funny joke initially during a smoker after the smoker were all back up in the jam and we're all sitting in the bleachers. He kinda poke fun at me. But other than that, he kinda virtually ignored me for you know, those first four months outside for for before brigades. So I will go to the gym. I work, you know, get a little bit vice, but he was really focusing on the club das- 'cause the club guys are the ones that compete. They're the ones that go out put on a navy uniform. They compete at nationals region. Regionals nationals an represent the navy boxing team at the highest level. And so he's really focus in on those, you know, twelve to fifteen dies while the system coach and the team captains helped train, you know, the newbies, basically, or the we call it, you know, intermural guys so guys that are boxing, but not really trying to join the club team. And so I just I just worked really what it comes down to every day went up in work. I found this kid from Boston. Who's one of my best friends was a really close friend of mine. So this day. And we would just start sparring every I wanted to give a Mike wanna Spar. So Luli for like, I mean, I'm nice job it for like three months straight like uh spoiled with this kid. Thanks, Chris O'Brien. We sport every day literally end, I just worked worked just work. And then, you know, spotting at the end of the year right before brigades coach Manali came up to me and ask the by wanted to join the club team. So. Just out of the blue just like, I guess he saw the work that you're putting in decided that you were worth his time. Ryan. And it was a big deal because at navy if you say you box, what do you think your peers on medically asked are you on the club team? And you say you're not on the club thing. I really don't think you box. You know, you can't just look at the guy that goes up and hits the his the bags and whatnot. So it was a big deal at the time of the freshman to join the club team, especially when it was consistent primarily, you know, not a lot of freshmen Ron it was like three of this thing. Yeah. That's that's not a lot of people. How do you think? Boxing, set you up for your career in the Marine Corps. Getting use to would know we talk about that failure piece, initially, right? So been able to pick yourself back up being under the spotlight. Right. So if you're gonna be officer, especially marine, Marine Corps. You got a better the spot because there's not many of us on one of the big things that calm was a cultural shock me. 'cause you go to a place like Annapolis. And it's so officer heavy right? But then you go to the Marine Corps in your in. You're in infantry infantry company. You know, there's like four or five lieutenants, right? Like, there's not a lot of us with like one hundred fifty marines. So that was like a culture shock for me. But being under the spotlight in boxing. I mean think about the idea of standing in front of your platoon. You don't see got forty five marines in frightening. Right. Like the closest thing I add to that feeling of just being a spotlight was being inside the boxer. Because all all eyes on you. Everyone's watching you right. This a safe thing a Marine Corps when you're briefing on order, you know, talking to your marines. So getting comfortable with that. And another piece is just getting used to the interpersonal violence piece. There's a it's I mean going back to the whole talk about violence. You talk about earlier there people that have experienced that. And when you go onto a culture, like, the Marine Corps, particular Marinko imagery, will your focus is really on violence, and you're going to be going deployed Afghanistan. It does bring some comfort to you being exposed that early on. Yeah. It's so my first while both might deployments to Iraq. Or with the infantry? My first deployment to Iraq was to flu with the Marine Corps..

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Marine Corps, Boxing, Navy discussed on Guard the Guardians

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