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Three milligram fishermen receive Greek citizenship for them wildfire rescues the Albanian and to own it on Wednesday by Greece's president for sending a message to Europe to counter anti-immigrant sentiment. The three men pulled people from the water who had fled the out of control wildfire. It's a seaside resort east of Athens. The trio also guided survivors to a nearby port after the blaze on July. The twenty third did reach the shore and gutted hundreds of homes the decision to grant the three men citizenship was published in Greece's official government gazette. It said the three foreign nationals and their exceptional contribution weren't the application of legal provisions honorary naturalization Qatar Airways says it now holds a five percent share in China. Southern airlines. The move will help expand the carriers reach in one of the world's fastest growing aviation. Markets Qatar Airways group says the acquisition of additional shares of China Southern supports its overall investment strategy China. Southern Airlines is a member of sky team alliance. That includes Delta Air, France and others despite losses of its revenue last year due to a boycott from neighboring Gulf states Qatar Airways maintains its the world's fastest growing airline. Broadway closed out two thousand eighteen on a record-breaking note with many shows recording their most profitable weeks, despite some big ticket prices the Broadway league says eight shows closed the year already more than two million dollars for the week ending December thirtieth were led by Hamilton, The Lion King and wicked Hamilton across the four billion dollar Mark for the week with average.

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