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First of all aaron donnas lie what do i have to do okay we're talking about the defensive player of the year talking about pro football focuses best pass rusher we're talking to what someone has 28 saxon three seasons led the league in quarterback had said his positions tackle for loss and on and on and on and on so his beast dense from nets look at the organization that he comes from historically what they have done they have already taken care of tape vaughn austin with two years ago picking up his fifth your option giving him a fouryear deal worth forty two bill they also took care robert quinn with two years ago four years 57 though he's like men you guys gonna take care of these people what do what do i have to do art but that's where this the damien the tape doesn't lie here right so so he he's he's not getting it but what do you see that shows why donald should be paid among the elite defense of lemon well he has a quality bottom you just can't find a pair of russian defence attack usually the guys who play costa the football have the biggest impact give report this regard knockabout the oval on into the field were having a one point if penetrate this word'restructuring no family will tackle that can worse to pass look at his give the of regard the otago hits twin swindling and be able to transition and get to the quarterback guys like the or special you don't find guys guys gaza earned donald who can wreak havoc in dominate from the defence attack position i can make the case that he's he's more dominant even the tackle position that any also lamberto rushing a passer that's our special years he's gonna get paid for.

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