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You're allowed to deny people based on pre existing conditions which isn't a choice again. Let me remind you having had postpartum depression. I was denied in individual life insurance. Because of that. That wasn't about a vaccine. That i could go out and get. I think we need to start making this more uncomfortable. Because i follow france model when when a president. Macaroni instituted. anywhere you go. You're going to have to show proof of the vaccine or proof of negative tests. They saw a spike of one and a half one point. Seven million people in twenty four hours signed up for the vaccine. So let's just go that route right now and make it much more comfortable to be vaccinated. Not well we might be. We might be going the way of macron pretty soon but that remains to be same. We'll be right back. Still a hell the kissing booth three star molly. Ringwald comedian whitney cummings. And it's the joy of reading on the ladies. Get lead a lenny. Kravitz showed off more than his six pack ads. An instagram photo yesterday. He also showed off his handedness with a jackhammer which he was using to build a deck on his property. The sexy photos sent the internet hearts aflutter but it also poses a question. It's something particularly sexy about a guy who's handing you know. I have to say i find nothing sexier than a man with a drill in his hand unless the dentist. I have to just say that. I mean it so hot to me to see a man like fixing. What do you think sarah absa frigging lutely. He didn't have to try so hard though with the sledgehammer he could have just had like a little belt. Like bob the builder or something. I've always been. I think a handyman is just not something. I've run into very often. I love max. He's got a lot of talents but he doesn't love fixing things nor have i seen him successfully. Do it very often. So i always loved are super back when i lived in. The city name was brian and he was an angel and i still miss him to this day he could fix anything and i always thought gosh. Someone's going to be so lucky to have you. You fix everything it's great. It's great funny. I know you have a handy. Mammy at home don't show he's not just a die this lady you know. Manny's pedic surgeon. They're really carpenters of the body. He knows his way around any tool in in our house. And it's just amazing. I mean he's built the deck on our house. He has he. He refurbishes cars himself. It's something that's very cathartic him. He's installed air conditioning in this very room. That i'm sitting in because it was really hot. Where we're we're filming. He's pretty amazing. And actually for mother's day. This may not sound like very sexy to other people but his mother's day gift to me was that he would do any job in the house that i wanted him to. So he's very sexy. And when does this man have time to to do surgery if he's building decks feel. I know mondays and fridays. Let's hear about your husband. Does this joy please. i'm married. I'm married to a high maintenance. Latino this man thinks tying his own shoelaces is manual labor. He literally does not do anything anything. So lack of homer simpson showed up at my house with an open shirt and blue the leaves off. I think he would've sexiest man alive. Okay i think just. I mean pleased. Change a light bulb anything in my house. Right and meghan meghan. Who's doing the home improvement at your house. Well did you ever notice that like any any porn. Start with like home improvement guys. That's this made me. Think of like porn plots or like you know. The handyman coming. The doors the clearly. There's some like there's something like sexual attached to lake. How women ziemba and i don't know that's why i was thinking when i was thinking actually like the big lebowski like the scene in it so i don't know but lenny kravitz is ageless. And he's you know he's the sexiest man. Probably all time. So he doesn't need to do all this to make us think he's sexy already. Is like the most gorgeous specimen of a man that ever existed..

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