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Quiet during that time and people again began to think that maybe he didn't have what it took to actually challenge the top man and to take the job he's now prove them wrong but i think there are still many questions hanging over how successful he can be while i guess the next test is clearly wherever he can deliver within the agency in total control structures that bean and mr zuma's grip and we've seen from the election of what we call the nc's top six that free of mr resume as allies including ace magashule lay the provincial leader of free state and david mabuza the leader of implement langa province who is seen as part of a printing relieved that has always backed misses him and now one is a his deputy nancy and the other is the second general of the anc was a very powerful position so he is going to face isn't he more challenges to actually push through the con of policies he's won't because he's campaigned on his anti corruption businessfriendly ticket and suddenly those individuals to be seen to be in the a opposing camp the ainsi worth in the first thing that we should remember is that serum oppose it is now president of the anc he is not president of south africa jacob zuma formally at least will stay on as president of south africa until elections in two thousand nineteen the serum oppose a will lead and if anc wind so remove puzzle would then become president but we have this rather all could gap of more than a year in which roma the puzzle won't be the boss and less he is able to force jacobs him out of office and there is precedent for this because ah jacob zuma himself when he became head of the anc fulst out the then president toubon becky and became president himself said there is a precedent for this but this again will test the metal of siruma puzza is he the feisty union leader who led strikes is he the skillful negotiator who ran rings around the.

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