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Seventy four when yesterday this song in my head all day long that's called a rabbit hole I don't think I'm the only one that does this sort of sitting there with your laptop and you go is was that guy that he looks like Andy Reid he looks like yeah Wilford Brimley what was he end cocoon and the next thing you know you're saying and chilling to Dolly Parton this is how having unlimited information at a touch doesn't serve us well you know it's like you can find out anything but maybe and sometimes those are fun sometimes they're pleasant sometimes they're fruitful a lot of times you massive waste of time there isn't you know but but there you are and I sometimes enjoy if you have the time those travels down the rabbit hole so that's where I was yesterday that's right was today by the way we asked before the break we are talking about the marquee sports network how Tom rickets got booed at the cubs convention at the very mention of it in you said look the big ten network didn't get off to a splendid start people were anxious about with their locality have the wood we would we get the big ten or Russia kago what would it cost and may I I assure you that once mark he gets up and running a couple of years from now will have forgotten about all of this and will be just fine with it yeah I remember that E. S. P. N. when it first started it didn't go off like a bank it was a very slow gradual start in fact producer all of what was the very first game that ESPN broadcast the first broadcast game on ESPN was the nineteen seventy nine American professionals slowpitch softball World Series where the Kentucky Bourbons beat the Milwaukee slits fifteen to five that's no Superbowl Jack that's the Kentucky Bourbons over the Milwaukee slits fifteen to five that was the first game broadcast it's a slow pitch so it was probably not women's but I do remember was that I thought was a women's softball game but was softball now I'm gonna go into a rabbit hole looking less that's not bad people whole lacks the done want to brag but I think my sixty four percent accuracy is looking pretty good right now isn't it the story and services so today is just a yeah we're day because a lot of things are closed our best to you and yours we should reflect on the meaning and value of Martin Luther king the civil rights movement on MLK day tomorrow will be a big day in America is the Senate trial for the president gets under way and yet the thing that was also percolating on my phone a lot last night and early this morning is the screen shot of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt exchanging loving glances at each other here's the way CNN reported their glance their touch their possible reunion at the SAG awards quote this is why we can't have nice things it started during the show particularly as pit accepted his award for outstanding performance by a male actor in a supporting role for once upon a time in Hollywood he gets the award he goes up and gives a speech which was so fun in fact.

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