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Have no existing. yeah. all has to do is get down and we're gonna be hurricane watch that goes north well you know we're we're. it just keep looking at the satellite images. don't just stand alone of homes and offices. don't know what to do. we're saying we're staying in a emergency operations yeah it's some top of male mark Bogen from of Broward county mayor Broward county at what we would you do with the schools schools are re opening this weekend is that of a complicate things down there with the storm Mister Maher. you know the schools are closed today one thirty today if it opened up I talked to our school superintendent I think you're gonna look to try to open schools tomorrow hoping that this one goes north what was disclosed when you look to open our report later today again assuming we're just assuming everything Joan Norris yeah the problem is yesterday was the same story and it's just hanging there and does have which we do you open up the airport the schools in the saloon but the predictions can be correct or you just stay in lock down mode and that's what we're gonna be meeting about two hours. yeah I'd say so it's on my how you guys do a misdemeanor we appreciate that vision of service so much because of what provisions are made in terms of shelters for displaced residents displaced residents you have to figure that all out just in case and this one does you know come right. we will we have thirty three shelters that then we decide whether we're gonna open then you have done so the other day we open street shelters because there's people out there that just don't want to stay in their home they want to get some type of shelter so we open three general population shelters will once the people up at and then we have people who have special needs we open up some special needs shelters and yeah we were just slowly yeah in some and and play by ear it's it's tough this is really to help you okay you don't have those worries generally New York yeah it's not like that and Mr Mary is your number because we have a lot of folks that are kind enough to listen to this program down in Florida they like they like get a taste of New York I think you know down there what what's the number that for someone to call up they're concerned with in Broward county Sir. well if they're really concerned as to think that one really throughout the state thank you for our work is part of our century thank you for the information I'm on everything we will local three one one number that I don't think would work no other state but. the basic approach that order slash hurricane and US three one one down there okay Hey Amir Marzocchi keepers pose to god bless god speed Sir thanks to take on the tenuous situation but you're doing a great job and we appreciate you jumping on the air with us this morning. thank you come visit Broward county Florida yes it is beautiful Babbitt thanks Mister bay appreciated very much mayor of mark Bogen mayor of Broward county and I know we do have a lot of folks listening down there they listen to do you know the and I said yes about consul three one one if you're concerned about everything Broward county dot org if you have relatives down there Hey Joe on the radio Debbie's looking out for you right now traffic was seven fifty two right here on the M. night seventy the answer we're gonna take it to the Taconic south of Pleasantville road getting import Briar cliff manor an accident being.

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