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Much time you can take the scenic route home post your next job at indeed dot com slash higher today David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the three is thank you David it's twenty four degrees mostly clear skies in Boston the sunshine however will give way to clouds this afternoon the temperature will be warmer though will get up to about thirty nine overnight it will be cloudy they'll be a little rain toward done it'll start out about thirty six degrees with the temperature will rise into the middle forties by dawn and tomorrow we'll have areas of fog in the morning rain likely throughout the day the high fifty five in on Tuesday few showers and it will be very warm for December with a high of fifty nine right now twenty four degrees in just a few clouds in box this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop good morning I'm Marc Cohn in here the five things you need to know at six forty five a woman has died after a three car crash in the rain last night at around seven thirty on route one thirty eight twenty one year old man from north Grafton is died after his car flipped over and landed upside down in Jordan pond in Shrewsbury early yesterday morning two police officers have been shot and killed this weekend one in Fayetteville Arkansas and one in Houston Texas these are investigating the cause of a devastating fire that killed at least forty three people in a crowded greens market in central New Delhi firefighters had to fight the fire from a hundred yards away because it broke out in one of the area's many alley ways which.

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