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Rights for wednesday august eighteenth. Twenty twenty one. And we're coming from the wall center reflecting the beauty and spirit of the west coast in the heart of downtown vancouver. Close all your favorite shops attractions and restaurants locally owned and operated for more than twenty six years massacres occurs alongside blake price underwater hitting switches in conducting things in the producers booth. Then today's show brought to you by audi downtown vancouver still looking at a couple of two thousand nine hundred twenty s rattling around the lot and audi downtown vancouver. That means a maximum amount of savings for you. The buyer head to see. Chris neil his entire sales team. They're waiting for you and you could enjoy rates from zero percent of receive up to forty five thousand dollars off. Select twenty twenty two corner berard and second We were off on the golf course this morning with a an old friend. More on him in the second. When news came down and really earthshaking news for the bc. Lions of the canadian football league and for once the cfl males kept things under wraps How about that surprise Didn't see any early warning of this. Until patrick johnson of the province got word and broke the story but a new owner for the bbc. Lions the first new set of hands to take on this franchise in a quarter century. Blake so a huge day. And we're going to have you at that makes us coverage because i remember david braley being the savior for the bc lights fresh on everyone's so Amar doman welcome to the canadian football league and to the sports game and we wish mr doman the best his stewardship of the leo's. I'll say boy the timing hair day before the home opener season oprah the day before your first..

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